The average price is nearly 10,000 yuan, and the cryptocurrency domain name transaction is on fire again?

I believe that many people are no longer familiar with the terms Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain. They have gradually become a hot topic in people's daily lives. As the encryption market matures, especially after the bull market in 2019, the value of some domain names that contain terminology used in the encryption industry has also begun to rise.

In fact, cryptocurrency domain names have become an important asset in the industry, and some domain names are even as high as 7 digits.

Cryptographic currency domain names are being squatted, hoarded and sold for high profit returns

Bitcoin has been in existence for more than 10 years, and the value of the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem has exceeded $250 billion. The industry's tentacles have extended to many vertical areas, such as third-party platforms, competitive blockchain projects, exchanges, and Brokerage services, wallets and payment processors, etc. Every project and business in these areas is eager to acquire a unique network domain name, and now some of the top bitcoin and blockchain domain names are now worth more than a few hundred thousand dollars, and in a few cases even millions of dollars.

Above: Some websites that sell domain names will roughly estimate how much a cryptocurrency domain name might be worth, based on metric data such as weekly and monthly traffic. But domain owners typically don't sell domain names at simply calculated prices, because in their eyes, these domains may be worth more.

Currently the most ideal cryptocurrency domain names include:,,,, and The domain name valuation calculator can be used to roughly calculate the value of one of the sites, but this does not mean that all domain names are willing to sell the relevant domain names at this price, because these domain valuation calculation tools only give Alexa and Google traffic ratings and scores. Give a rough figure. For example, the domain owner of left a message on the site for visitors:

“ was registered on March 11, 2011. This site has nothing to do with blockchain technology. Although Ethereum also uses the same name, the domain name is priced at $10,000,000.”

Above: Bitcoin-related domain names may be more expensive and costly than generic domains.

Obviously, the above-mentioned person who registered the domain name may not have thought of the rapid development of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry at first, and his/her original intention to register the domain name has nothing to do with encryption. However, there are many individuals and businesses registering a domain name that is “simplely” hoping to use this domain name to make a fortune and sell it later to make a profit. In fact, since the domain name can be traded, “cybersquatting” has become more and more common. Some people will buy a bunch of website names related to specific products or industries, and then wait for more profitable time. Then sell it again.

In the encryption industry, cybersquatting is very common, and many project parties and companies must cope with the pressure of some of the best domain names being squatted early. As digital assets become more popular, especially after the bull market in 2017, many domain name websites related to cryptocurrencies and blockchains are being sold (or are being sold) at very high prices.

Above: On Twitter, we can see that many cybersquatters list a large number of website names that they are willing to sell for profit.

2017 is the peak of encrypted domain name transactions, but in 2019 more and more people choose to trade through social media.

Let's first let Planet Jun (O-daily) and everyone look at the cryptocurrency domain name transactions that are worth paying attention to in the past ten years:

1. In 2009, was sold to a company for nearly $20,000. According to public information, the company held the domain name until 2013. After that, the domain owner used the WHOIS historical privacy protection plan, and therefore could not find the relevant information of the holder. However, in 2017, the site was sold for $2 million and is now dedicated to mining in Ethereum;

2. In 2017, the domain name was sold to a person from Shanghai, China for $35,516.

3. In January 2018, the domain name was sold to William Thomas for $35,000;

4. In 2018, Binance allegedly purchased the domain name from founder Mike Mann for $195,000, when Mike Mann told the world that the domain name was purchased for $11 in 2011;

5. In April 2019, the website was sold to Triangl co-founder Craig Ellis, which is currently under development;

Above: The price of many cryptocurrency domain names peaked in 2017

Today, social media and various domain name trading platforms have a large number of domain names associated with cryptocurrencies for sale, and the price is also impressive, including: ($12,000), ($1,000), 360crypto. Com ($30,000), ($20,000), ($10,000), and ($12,000). On Twitter, there are also many people selling cryptocurrency domain names, and now it is easy to find some "preemptive" domain names. For example, a domain name called is a domain name that combines cryptocurrency with the sales industry. The domain name owner named sees it as a fantastic combination of the bitcoin and gaming industry; and a domain name company, Dotonlydomains, which only sells the .com suffix, is selling the domain name.

Above: In 2019, we found that more and more people are starting to sell cryptocurrency domain names on social media.

In 2019, the sales of cryptocurrency domain names became hot again.

If you're looking to search social media and cryptocurrency forums, you'll find that the pace of today's encrypted domain name trading is getting faster and faster. Search results from Namebio indicate that in the past few months, many website domain names associated with cryptocurrency names have been sold, including: ($12,000) and ($2,050). , ($1,155), ($4,860), ($3,156), and ($1,225).

Above: As of August 18, 2019, the average domain name of the website associated with the encryption industry was $1,057.

Just a few days ago, sold for $10,000, for $4,550, and was sold by Namejet for $1,350. As of August 18, the average selling price of cryptocurrency domain names was approximately $1,057. From September to November 2017, domain names associated with the encryption industry may range from $2,000 to $4,000. Currently, Go Daddy is the most active and most sold online brokerage service platform in the field of cryptocurrency domain name sales.

Above: In April of this year, the domain name provider discussed the domain name of the network related to the transaction cryptocurrency.

to sum up

As the popularity of cryptocurrencies has become higher, the value of domain names associated with the industry has also begun to rise. However, people who squat on domain names are actually doing a "gambling" because they don't know whether a particular domain name will become a good Internet brand or whether they can attract more potential buyers in the future.

It is undeniable that as the market becomes more mature, the value of the cryptocurrency domain name will gradually follow the market price trend. As Judgemind, a senior member of the domain name on the trading platform, said:

"At this stage, the overall momentum of the cryptocurrency market has changed from bearish to bullish. We expect to see cryptocurrency prices break high in the near future or in the longer term. This market shift is very beneficial for domain name investors. Because more and more encrypted startups want to have good encrypted domain names, the current domain names that focus on investing in .com, .org, and .io suffixes include: Bit, Btc, Bitcoin, Crypto, Coin, Chain, Block, Blockchain, Faucet, Token and Airdrop."

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