The USDT issuance has caused the Ethereum network to block the Ethereum network utilization rate has soared to 90%

According to Bloomberg, the Ethereum network is being blocked by Tether, the publisher of the stable USDT. According to data research firm, in the past 30 days, the Tether cost of processing Ethereum transactions was as high as $260,000, about 17.5 times higher than CryptoKitties, and six times the largest decentralized exchange IDEX. According to data from, Ethernet network utilization has soared to 90%, and as Tether occupies more capacity, it leaves less capacity for other developers. Arca Chief Investment Officer Jeff Dorman said that some developers are now moving away from Ethereum and waiting for them to adjust their technology to increase network capacity. On August 22, Vitalik Buterin said in an interview that the increase in transaction costs on the Ethereum's winding chain is limiting the application of Ethereum. Developers have begun to consider whether the project based in Ethereum will overload the blockchain transaction. . He described Ethereum as almost full of views on the seriousness of the problem.