The latest IEO project in the currency, Perlin, rose only 1.7 times in the first hour, a record low.

According to the block rhythm report, the latest IEO Perlin of the currency security company announced the results of the shake at 8:00 pm on August 25 and traded on the platform the next day. According to ICO Analytics data, the Perl token PERL was only 1.7 times the ROI one hour before, which is the lowest in the history of the currency. The Perlin token PERL/USDT transaction is quoted at the on-coin exchange rate of 0.1240 (the onion query found that PERL is currently reporting 01041 USDT), which is slightly higher than the strategic round price, but lower than the private placement round of 0.2 US dollars per PERL. This caused the phenomenon that the price of the token was upside down. In addition, according to the Aladdin Mint Institute, two of Perlin's four founding members have moved to another project, Mist, which has recently financed a $20 million strategic round of financing.