There are only two kinds of coins in the currency circle: community coins and "community coins"

"My bitcoin is halved in advance!" This sentence in the speculative coin group is constantly being copied and pasted.

At the end of June, Bitcoin directly rose to $14,000 after it first rose to $10,000. In the past, bitcoin has soared, and other mainstream altcoins will follow. But this time, on the contrary, in the case of bitcoin prices hitting this year's new high, the mainstream altcoin has generally fallen, such as Holo Chain, Harmony, and the famous Algorand.

These projects have some common characteristics. The first is the project team, the team background is strong, and the technology is leading. Secondly, the community consensus, investors have great trust in the project, and believe that this project can achieve certain visions and invest in the income of this project. The rate is likely to be several times or even dozens of times higher than bitcoin.

The price of the altcoin fell, and the bitcoin rose. If the bitcoin standard was used, the altcoin fell more. This is also the reason why "bitcoin is halved ahead of time". Only a small amount of bitcoin, but a large number of investors in the altcoin, suffered a heavy loss in this small peak in June.

"This time the loss is very big, about 60 bitcoins," Li said.

"I have 100 bitcoins at the highest time."

Leo is now a member of the domestic Holo Chain community. He was founded by Holo Chain. He was once the owner of the domestic Holo community and a veteran of the cryptocurrency secondary market. He found this project on the last day of Holo token financing and was very interested.

Holo's desire for this project is ambitious. It is a distributed storage network that can become the next generation of the Internet. It has a reputation in the industry for team, technology and code progress. Although not able to participate in the public offering, Leo has invested in Holo in the secondary market.

In this year's Mavericks market, Holo once rose to a record high of $0.0024. "At that time, my Holo value was almost 100 bitcoins." Leo told the block to block BlockBeats.

However, as bitcoin prices continue to rise, a large amount of money in the market is attracted by bitcoin, and the price of mainstream altcoin has plummeted. Li Ou’s Holo, which is worth nearly 100 bitcoins, now has only more than 30 bitcoins left, with a loss of about 60 bitcoins, and losses of more than 4 million yuan at current prices. Leo said that he has done statistics specifically. Holo is also one of the biggest declines in the fall of the altcoin. "The decline can be ranked in the top ten."

Leo is not a case, nor does he think he is a big family. He told the block to block BlockBeats, and there are many investors in the community who have more positions than him. As you can imagine, their losses are even greater.

This type of community currency has many more than the bitcoin that Holder insists on buying. What community members value is not the change in price in the short term, but the long-term holding. Regardless of how the price changes, they always hold positions and even add positions. For example, the BSV community insists on fixed investment, such as the Rchain main network is not on the line, but the community is still not leaving.

The holders of these community coins believe that the projects they support can develop some forward-looking blockchain technology and believe in value investing, which is the real community coin understood by the block rhythm BlockBeats. However, in this round of the Mavericks, in addition to BTC Holder, the loss of the believers of these community coins is relatively heavy.

Contrary to the decline of these traditional community coins, other new "community coins" are completely another scene, such as EKT, CPYT, BHB, etc. Those who have successfully invested in these projects, buy a house and buy a car, have a peak in life.

"After 7 days of opening, it has risen 76 times."

The predecessors of these community coins are model coins such as VDS, Baer Chain (BRC) and Giant Merchants (EGT). Retail investors in the secondary market must have some understanding. During the bear market this year, these projects have become dark horses on the market through various operations. VDS relies on the capital disk to add magical terms such as "resonance" and "trust stamp"; BRC and EGT have once stood close to the top ten of the market value of the currency by relying on games and pyramid schemes.

But now, with the development of the model currency, it doesn't matter what these new terms and games are. The only thing the model currency needs is the community. A WeChat group can be seen as a community, and the group owner is KOL.

"These owners are actually the opinion leaders of the community. They can get the leeks by winning the trust of the community through certain packaging and people." Zhou Yang, who invested in CPYT, told block block BeatBeats.

On June 17, CPYT went live on the ideal country exchange, and the announcement showed that there are 5 cooperative communities. We assume that a community is 500 people, a total of 2,500 people. Under the leadership of KOL, these community members invest 10,000 RMB each, and a total of 25 million RMB is admitted.

Of course, the real admission funds are far more than this order of magnitude. According to the staff of the International Exchange, only one project of CYPT has a net inflow of more than 100 million funds.

"I was pulled in by my friends." Zhou Yang said when talking about CPYT. A friend told him that CPYT is a blockchain digital copyright project made by the European team. It will soon be on the exchange, and has already reached a cooperation with many KOL communities in China. The opening will surely skyrocket.

After opening 3 cents, after 7 days, CPYT rose 76 times, up to 2.3 yuan. After attracting numerous leeks to enter the market by the skyrocketing, early investors began to sell, and CPYT plummeted and almost returned to zero. Zhou Yang did not run away and lost more than 100,000 yuan. Those who take the high position are not worth the money.

According to block block rhythm, BlockBeats learned that the project party and the big ones who got the message in advance had a revenue of 10 million or even hundreds of millions on CPYT.

CPYT has become a new template for model coins. Previously, those that were used to attract amaranth applications and models were not needed. They only needed community, and several KOLs. With the promotion of KOL in their own community, the community buys in large quantities, attracts outside leeks, and then leaves.

If a KOL has five or six full WeChat groups, he is fully capable of doing a community coin project. "Different group owners have different dishes. Local hobby players play the private market with the top group owners. The big leeks players follow the laughter of Li Xiaolai. The bottom leeks players follow the leader of the king and Luan An. Zhou Yang said.

Community currency? "Corporate Currency"

But what does this project mean for the industry? More and more people are starting to participate in this kind of community currency trading. They only believe in two things: First, they believe that the project can pull the disk; but believe that they can run. So that a community coin such as a VDS is a three- or four-line exchange, and a project like Holo has only a few bitcoins per day on the currency exchange, and almost no one trades.

The currency circle is now very clearly classified, except for bitcoin, which is two types of community coins. One is that the community has a strong consensus and volunteers to contribute to the project. I believe that the technology can bring changes to the industry after the landing. The other is to cut the leeks by the community. The momentum is much larger than the former, but there is no point other than making the project party profitable. .

I don't know how many projects that have been strongly recognized by the community in the process of Bitcoin's 10,000-dollar volatility. I don't know how many people will continue to persist when the projects they once believed are falling every day.

When asked why Liou continued to hold positions when Holo fell bitcoin, "As a long-term investment project, it has been held for more than a year, and may have feelings. It has experienced 0.012cny to 0.0025, and then to 0.018. Falling to 0.006, in fact, there is no special feeling." Li Ou said.

"There is nothing wrong with the coin circle. Don't fall in love with the project. Most of the time, it's okay to be a scum."

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Author: 0x29