Twitter Featured | 300 million Telegram users will be able to trade Bitcoin, Tether is blocking the Ethereum network

Coin on the line of wealth management products, Anbao, for blood transfusion of margin trading

The official announcement of the currency official announced that it will be on the line of Anbao to provide users with idle digital asset value-added services. Coin Anbao is a wealth management product that raises interest rates. The first phase will open 14 days of wealth management products for BNB, USDT and ETC.

It is particularly noteworthy that the first phase of the Anbao BNB wealth management position will be added to the daily position of the Binance Launchpad (you can also participate in the IEO while managing money).

Coin’s CEO Zhao Changpeng added that the margin borrower will pay interest on the coin Anbao (borrowing money to the currency). This is in stark contrast to other plans to secure revenue. We don't need to find other investment channels.

This will increase the availability of funds to the margin trader, so expect a relatively low margin limit to increase. Again, coin security is just an intermediary.


Tether is congesting the Ethereum network

According to Bloomberg, the network utilization rate of Ethereum soared to 90%, and the main reason was the stable currency USDT issued by Tether. (Note: Tether's USDT stable currency has slowly migrated from the OMNI network to the Ethereum network this year. Currently, Ethereum has become the main distribution platform for Tether.)

According to data from the data research firm, Tether's transaction costs for Ethereum transactions in the past 30 days were $260,000. This is about 17.5 times higher than CryptoKitties and six times the IDEX of the world's largest decentralized exchange.

Tether occupies too much capacity and is reduced to developers. The reduction in network capacity allows developers to stay away from Ethereum for a while, waiting for their adjustment technology to increase network capacity.

Earlier, V God said that the increase in transaction costs would damage the adoption of Ethereum, and the issue of expandability is imminent. The market is also waiting for the arrival of Ethereum 2.0. Today, the Ethereum Foundation announced that it will allocate more than 2.46 million US dollars to support the development of Ethereum 2.0.


Industry news

1. According to Coindesk, in the hearings of Kleiman and Ao Ben Cong, Ou Ben Cong's testimony was rejected. Judge Bruce Reinhart suggested that the plaintiff obtain 50% of Bitcoin held by Auburn Cong before December 31, 2013, and 50% of the intellectual property associated with it. In addition, Oban has no right to participate in the jury trial, nor can he object to the order and retain his right to appeal.

2. According to Fobes Crypto, Telegram, an instant messaging application with more than 300 million users, will soon be able to offer Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading services to users through Button Wallet, a cryptocurrency provider.

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