Prime Minister of Japan: In the future, the stability of the currency will be properly discussed in terms of Libra's progress; the government's revised capitalization algorithm has no intention to hinder innovation and venture companies.

On August 1, Japanese politician and member of the House of Representatives of the Constitutional Democratic Party, Mr. Nakagawa, submitted a question about Libra to the Japanese government, asking questions about the digital currency proposed by Facebook and its related financial and economic policy issues. On August 15, the Japanese government returned the reply to the Prime Minister of the Republic of China on behalf of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Shinzo Abe said that the three departments of the Ministry of Finance, the Financial Services Agency, and the Bank of Japan have integrated the various arguments on the so-called "stabilized currency" including Libra on July 10, 2019. Sexual discussion, in the future, will discuss the issue of stable currency as needed. Regarding the impact of the stable currency on the economy, including Libra, we will conduct appropriate discussions based on the progress of the future. In addition, as far as the central bank's digital currency is concerned, Shinzo Abe said that regarding the state of currency ideals, it is necessary to consider the convenience and security of settlement of the national currency, and also consider the impact of issuing the currency on the financial system. I hope to continue to explore. In addition, it stated that the Japanese government's revised funding algorithm is not intended to hinder innovation and venture companies.