The National Liberal Party (NLP) announces the country's first cryptocurrency policy

According to Cointelegraph, the British far-right party National Liberal Party (NLP) recently announced the country's first cryptocurrency policy. On August 24th, NLP published a new article on its website stating that the current cryptocurrency policy in the UK is non-policy. Not only the government, but all major political parties in the UK have failed to develop a viable cryptocurrency agenda. NLP’s policy begins with an alarmist tone, claiming that “British citizens have been defrauded by billions of pounds of cryptocriminals”, while fraudulent cryptocurrency programmes continue to target consumers and are not penalized. Operation. It went on to describe the deficiencies in the rules of the UK Financial Market Conduct Authority (FCA) and criticized both the current Conservative government and the opposition Labour Party. NLP said that the Conservative government claims to believe in the need for encryption management, but did not implement an encryption management plan. NLP believes that cryptocurrencies will exist and call them "representing the future of finance and integrity." NLP claims to have taken the time to understand new financial technologies rather than ignoring or trying to eliminate them.