Due to the delay in Parity implementation, Ethereum Istanbul upgrade or postponed until November

Wei Tang, the core developer of Parity Tech, said that the EW's PoW upgrade plan has been postponed. Tang said: "We need to complete the implementation until September 6. Not only because we accept EIP late, but now just happen to refactor large code bases, we may wish to merge them before consolidating EIP in Istanbul. The developer originally planned to select a test network number on the conference call on August 23, but now must wait for Parity to complete before selecting a test network number. Tang said it will take about two weeks. According to reports, the main network hard fork is expected to be carried out on October 4, but it may be postponed until November, depending on the progress of Parity and the progress of the test network. At the same time, the client, Goth, managed by the Ethereum Foundation, has merged all EIPs. About 76% of the networks currently run Geth, while only 21% run Parity.