Source: "The central bank recently officially launched digital currency rumors" are inaccurate guesses

August 28 news, according to reports that "the central bank will officially launch digital currency in the next few months", close to the central bank sources responded to Sina Finance said that the above are all inaccurate guesses.

In the early morning of Beijing time, the latest report released by Forbes said that according to informed sources, the People's Bank of China will officially launch digital currency in the next few months, initially to Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Ali Baba, Tencent and UnionPay are issued by seven institutions. According to a former government official, the central bank's digital currency may be officially launched on November 11 this year. Once this digital currency is launched as scheduled, the People's Bank of China will become the first central bank to officially release digital currency in the world.

According to the former government staff, the central bank’s digital currency technology actually matured last year. Another source who had participated in the development of the central bank's digital currency but declined to be named has confirmed to Forbes that the seven institutions are about to receive new assets.

Source: Sina Finance

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According to Forbes today, according to a former employee of China Construction Bank, the Chinese central bank will launch a government-backed cryptocurrency and issue it to seven institutions in the coming months. A source who asked not to be named confirmed that the technology behind this cryptocurrency has been ready since last year and may be launched as early as November 11th, China's busiest shopping day, Singles Day. Please click on the full text.