The Sichuan mine was flooded and warned that the “parallel mining machine” entered the market.

This year's Fengshui miners can be said to be mixed. The good news is that the secondary market's market is picking up just in time for Sichuan's flood season, no matter which model of mining machine can be turned on as profitable. The worry is that this year's climate in Sichuan does not seem to be "coordinating". The rainy season, which should have arrived in early May, is more than a month late, and then the sudden concentrated precipitation last week led to the outbreak of torrents in Ganzi, Aba and Liangzhou. Spread to the bitcoin mines in the area.

From the "live broadcast" of the circle of friends, the miners after the torrents are searching for the miners buried in the soil in the "shoal". The disaster situation reflected to the bit is that the whole network computing power has plummeted in a short time. According to the news of the RHY mine weekly report: the bitcoin calculation power of a single day falls from 78EH to 74EH in a short time.

From the data level, the reduced 4EH calculation power is converted into ant s9se, which is about 260,000 machines . Of course, it includes minor accidents such as power failure and network disconnection.

1. Every year, there are floods, and miners have already taken it lightly.
In fact, Sichuan's hydropower advantage is brought about by its undulating landforms and abundant precipitation in summer, and this natural condition also buryes timed explosives for the flash floods. In the summer, the natural disasters caused by precipitation have become commonplace in Sichuan during the wet season. The difference is only the size of the scale.

Miners have taken into account the factors of natural disasters in the site selection and construction of the mine. Lao Zhang, a miner at the Sichuan mine, said: The intensity and spread of mountain torrents this year are not particularly serious. At least in Laojia’s circle of friends, the miners affected this year are far less than last year.

(The picture shows the disaster situation of the mine this year, with the founder of the Babbit REDLI uploaded to Twitter)

In addition to mountain torrents, Sichuan also has various extreme geographical events such as earthquakes and mudslides that test every miner. "Now the miners have lived very well. When there is a disaster warning, they will withdraw in advance, unlike the past, they will coexist with the mine."

The calmness is the same impression that we interviewed different miners. If you are in a certain environment for a long time, people will slowly learn to adapt! Like the residents of the island countries where earthquakes often occur, they have to avoid the earthquake but obviously have more coping skills and calmness.

The " small things, no panic " in the mouth of the first-line miners reflected that the calculation power of the whole network is that Bitcoin's computing power has rebounded to around 79EH this week. Obviously, this wave of mountain floods has not affected the rhythm of most miners making money.


2. The immersion machine is becoming fascinated, or a large amount flows into the secondary market.
Although the miners' reflection on the flash floods can be said to be an understatement, and the large number of new mining machines on the shelves also masked the truth of some of the disasters. It seems that the mining industry is thriving but one problem that cannot be avoided is: In the affected mines, those miners immersed in muddy water will end up doing this?


Due to the high-yield period, there are millions of mining machines operating in a province in Sichuan. Even if the disaster rate is only one percent, there will be tens of thousands of mining machines that will not work. The market value of these disaster-mining mines is conservatively estimated to be tens of millions of yuan.

Miner Zhang told us that ordinary miners are reluctant to encounter such things. The regular mine will choose to replace the repair and continue to use according to the damage of the mining machine, or disassemble the spare parts of the mine.

Small-scale mines or private mines are different, and there will be special middlemen recovering the damaged mines . They are very good at it, and the price they offer will be a bit tempting. After the bulk purchase, it will be repaired and refurbished, and mixed into the normal machine to the second-hand market.

Miners know that once the mining machine is on the shelves, it will run 24 hours a day, until it is damaged or it is not profitable. Therefore, stability is a very important indicator in the performance of mining machines. Many old miners prefer to choose machines with stable performance in batches and are not willing to try new machines with high performance parameters but no market validation.

The damaged mines, due to physical damage such as water ingress, sand ingress, and impact, are far below the level of normal machines even after refurbishment. Generally, second-hand miners pay for sand when using these problems.

Second-hand dealers will incorporate a certain percentage of problem machines in each batch of second-hand mining machines sold. In this way, the user will not easily find the problematic machine during the acceptance. After all, the used machines are not returned, and the users can not take these second-hand mining machine dealers.

Driven by the interests, large-scale disaster-affected mining machines will flow to the second-hand mining machine market in this form.

3. Resist the disaster-affected mining machine to the market, the core is to rebuild the mining machine trading mechanism

The second-hand mining machine trading market is currently mainly composed of scattered small-scale dealers. Because the scale is small, the industry generally refers to these second-hand dealers as second-hand dealers . In fact, hundreds of thousands of used miners will flow to the first-line mines through their hands every year.

The golden age of second-hand mining machine trade is between April and July of this year. The secondary market has unexpectedly quickly lifted up the market for new mining machines, and it has been eliminated in the bear market. Second-hand mining machines have become a favorite baby in the market.

At the peak, the machine that was recovered by 300 yuan was sold to 1800 and sold out how much. So some people say that second-hand miners are the biggest beneficiaries of this round.

At this time, the second-hand mining machine trading market began to enter everyone's field of vision. In addition to the sigh of the second-hand dealers making money, more people actually have a lot of whispers about the trading rules of second-hand mining machines, including many miners who have suffered losses in this area.

The second-hand mining machine trading mode is quite traditional in the old-fashioned market. There is no warranty and no after-sales goods are returned. Of course, for this kind of market rules, miners generally choose on-site inspection. After the price is negotiated, the buyer will personally attend the site to lightly inspect the mines one by one. The time-consuming and labor-intensive transaction efficiency is extremely low.

Even if it is personally inspected, the second-hand mining machine trade will often lick moths. Liu Min, an old miner who has suffered a loss in this respect, told us that the face-to-face inspection seems to be foolproof, but the inspections are rushed. It is not necessary to distinguish whether the mining machine can work or not. Not to mention whether the hardware of the mining machine has been replaced or not.

It is necessary to re-establish the trading rules of second-hand mining machines to prevent the leakage of various mining problems to the market. It is obviously impossible to rely on the self-discipline of second-hand mining machine dealers. Fortunately, some online vertical mining trading platforms have begun to pay attention to the second-hand mining machine market and use the spirit of the Internet to optimize the second-hand mining machine trading process, making the second-hand mining machine trading rules more fair.

In the vertical mining machine mall, second-hand mining machine transactions can bypass the professional second-hand mining machine dealers for peer-to-peer transactions. The ordinary miners need to sell the old mining machines in their hands to choose to be listed as merchants in some shopping malls. This C2C platform model can circumvent many professional sellers' routines.

According to the person in charge of a certain mall, the mall also provides a platform-based transaction guarantee service for the trading of second-hand mining machines . Buyers can leave sufficient 24 hours for inspection after the delivery of the mining machine. Buyers can choose to return unconditionally within the hour.

With the intervention of more Internet spirit, the limitations of the traditional second-hand mining machine trading mode will be gradually replaced, and the trading pattern of second-hand mining machines will become more fair.


Author: Jun count force