TSMC is charged with multiple infringements or affecting 7nm mining capacity

As a chip supplier to Bitcoin, TSMC is the capacity guarantee for the ant 7nm mining machine.

The semiconductor industry has recently heard a lot of news. According to DeepTech, the semiconductor foundry GlobalFoundries (GF) filed several lawsuits in the US and Germany on August 26, accusing TSMC of using semiconductor technology to infringe 16 GFs. Patent, and hope that the US trade authorities will issue an import ban to stop the import of products produced by TSMC “infringement”. Caijing.com Chain Financial found that in the list of litigations filed by GF, TSMC’s alleged infringement technology covers 7nm, 10nm, 16nm, 28nm and other processes.

As a chip supplier of Bitland, TSMC is the capacity guarantee of the ant 7nm mining machine. According to the previous calculations of Caijing.com and the chain of finance, it is now possible to roughly calculate the calculation power of Bitian New Technology in the first to second quarters of 2020. Or it will reach 55 million TH / s – 65 million TH / s.

Regarding the possible impact of TSMC's patent infringement lawsuit, Bitcoin said on the financial network chain that Bittland respects third-party intellectual property rights and conducts business in compliance on a global scale. For this lawsuit, Bitland is not involved in the case. The company is therefore unable to provide detailed information.

According to previous reports from Caijing.com, the chain was exposed to TSMC in the middle of July. It has scheduled the production capacity of 30,000 7nm wafers in the third quarter and the fourth quarter, and added a wafer order at the end of July. In the report, a blockchain has provided 50,000 orders for the 7-nanometer order of Bitcoin, and the supply chain close to TSMC also said that the new orders added by Bitland include 16nm in addition to 7nm. Wafer order.

Since the patent infringement lawsuit involves TSMC's 7nm and 16nm processes, especially the 7nm chips that have been hot in recent years, the real market is generally recognized by TSMC. And its competitor Samsung recently fell into the "7nm chip scrapping" storm due to the yield accident.

DeepTech Deep Technology mentioned in the report that although the main defendant in this case is TSMC, some TSMC-related manufacturers have been included in the list of defendants, including Apple, Broadcom, MediaTek, NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Xilinx. 6 chip design manufacturers and 10 consumer product manufacturers such as Asus, Lenovo and Google.

Some insiders have told the financial network chain financial that, for a while, it may not involve bit mainland, mainly because communication chips and mining chips are very different in difficulty and IP.

TSMC announced today that it is reviewing the complaint filed by GF on August 26, but is confident that the GF's allegations are unfounded.