Mutual Gold Association held a blockchain seminar, and supply chain finance fully ushered in the blockchain era

On August 26th, the China Internet Finance Association Blockchain Research Working Group held a seminar on the application and standardization of blockchain application in the supply chain finance sector. The Guosheng blockchain issued a document saying that supply chain finance will take the lead in pushing the blockchain industry to land and detonating new hot spots. The Guosheng blockchain believes that the scenario applicable to the blockchain needs to have the following conditions: 1. There are user groups; 2. There are consensus rules; 3. There is a value exchange request. Guosheng District blockchain believes that supply chain finance, digital copyright and other scenarios are more important to strengthen social management and improve the efficiency of enterprise operations. Relevant enterprises will quickly promote the application of blockchain. The supply chain finance business around the credit transfer of core enterprises is an emerging and large-scale stock market.