Analysis: Bitcoin prices will remain around $10,000 until halving in May next year.

Bitcoin's recent market movements have sparked controversial consensus around its short-term price direction, and traders have publicly asked whether demand is strong enough to withstand another bear market. Investors and analysts are still bullish, based on the assumption that demand will continue the current trend, helping to keep prices around $10,000 until halving in May next year. Jeff Dorman, chief investment officer at investment management firm Arca, believes that as companies such as Bakkt and Fidelity open their doors to new capital under current global economic tensions, Bitcoin seems to have large hedge fund managers seeking to offset traditional market risks. Attractive. “Most macro hedge funds are considering using BTC as a better way to offset the systemic risks that are accumulating globally. It seems that there is too much interest and too much money to look at, the market can’t really The way of meaning falls."