The currency Anxin KYC data was broadcast live again. The hacker claimed that he was not for money, but only for the enemy.

According to the Shenzhen Financial News, the hacker named "Guardian K" (Note: the previous live KYC accounts for "Guardian M" and "Guardian J" respectively) once again broadcast the currency KYC data in the telegraph group. A total of 42 sets of personally identifiable information were announced. The date of KYC certification was February 27, 2018. The KYC dates published in the first two live broadcasts were February 24, 2018 and February 26, respectively. For the motive of live KYC, Guardian K responded in the group that he was not asking for money and is currently fighting against the currency. In addition, Guardian K also claimed that the currency does not know where his source (KYC data) came from, and hinted that he seems to see the source code of the currency exchange. Earlier, Coin founder He Yi had responded that the hacker might be someone else on the trading platform. He made this series to fight against the brand of the currency.