Analysis: The volume of DEX transactions is growing but the proportion is still small, or it is restricted due to the difficulty of using the platform.

According to the Bitcoin Exchange Guide, CoinMarketCap predicted in April that 2019 will be the "DEX year" and this prediction seems to be accurate. According to Totle's July report, the volume of DEX records running on Ethereum has more than doubled since the beginning of 2019. The June DEX transaction amounted to more than $300 million, an increase of 248% from January's $86 million. The DEX transaction volume has more than doubled, indicating that more and more crypto-traders are investing in the decentralized exchange ecosystem. However, in June 2019, the ETH transaction of the Ethereum exchange was US$86 million, accounting for only 0.01% of the global cryptocurrency spot transaction. Decentralized exchanges have relatively small trading volumes, in part because of the decline in the volume of “traditional” DEX platforms such as IDEX, Switcheo and Bitsquare. In mid-2019, the trading volume of these platforms fell by 17%, 43% and 35 respectively. %. Andrew Hamilton, founder of the, a DEX trading platform, said that a key factor in the current decline in trading volume on the DEX platform is the limited adoption of user interfaces due to inefficiency or difficulty in navigating. “Ease of use is not only a key driver in the trading ecosystem, but also in the general cryptocurrency. Traditional decentralized trading platforms sacrifice usability and choose a centralized component that limits the transparency of order matching.”