China University of Political Science and Law Hu Jiwei: To keep the giants in the blockchain era in the mainland capital market

According to Sina Finance, Hu Jiyu, director of the China University of Political Science and Law Blockchain Financial Rule of Law Research Center, said in a speech today that although the blockchain is a very new field, China has a legal chain blockchain definition. Hangzhou Internet Court has previously stated that blockchain, as a decentralized database, is open, distributed, irreversible, etc. As an electronic data storage platform, it has the principles of low cost, technical description and case review. The legal effect of this kind of electronic evidence storage method is comprehensively recognized. Hu Jizhen also said that in the future blockchain field, "Ali" and "Tencent" similar to the Internet era will be born. However, neither Ali nor Tencent are listed in mainland China. If we do not retain these companies in the future, we will It is a pity, and this requires the cooperation of the blockchain industry, the regulatory authorities, the legal community and other fields.