MixMarvel Australia Roadshow Sydney's closing market is overwhelming

In late August, MixMarvel successfully held a series of roadshows in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, paving the way for the development of blockchain games in the Australian market.

To ensure roadshow results, MixMarvel has partnered with Australia's largest compliant digital asset trading platform, ACX and Blockchain Centre, and has also invited Australia's influential experts in the industry, Blockchain Global founder CEO Sam Lee and Animoca Brands Chairman Yat Siu Discuss the MixMarvel gaming platform business and distribution services, as well as the impact of its core Layer-2 technology Rocket Protocol 2.0 on the traditional Australian gaming industry. Among them, the concept of “getting value feedback in entertainment” is highly sought after by Australian players. Chain Tour has enabled the pass-through economy on the basis of traditional game play, opening up a new track for the game industry.

MixMarvel said that the series of roadshows held in Australia has expanded the global influence of the platform MIX and MixMarvel brands. In the future, high-quality games independently developed by the platform will enter Australia and bring a new chain tour experience to Australian users. At the same time, Australian users can also hold the platform to pass the MIX through the ACX platform and conduct free trade.