Vice President of CCB Zhang Gengsheng: Digital currency impacts on traditional currency and financial models

According to China Securities Network, Zhang Jiansheng, deputy governor of China Construction Bank, said at the 2nd International Conference of Industrial Finance of the Asian Gold Association on the 28th that the development of science and technology has given more possibilities to finance, and technological progress is constantly giving birth to new Financial instruments, new business models, and even changing the operating rules of the financial system. Supply chain finance, Internet finance, consumer finance and other changes in human lifestyles, non-intentional payment, digital currency, etc. have entered the field of vision and grew rapidly, which has impacted traditional monetary and financial models. In the development and changes of the financial system, only by upholding and grasping the unchanging attributes and laws of finance, and sticking to the financial resources, can we promote the positive effects of these new tools and new models, and promote the transformation of new and old kinetic energy and industrial structure.