The data shows that since 2010, Bitcoin has returned more than the IPO of all technology companies.

On August 28th, blockchain magazine BlockJournal CEO Crypto Godfather said on Twitter that since 2010, Bitcoin has surpassed the investment of mainstream Internet companies in an almost unimaginable way. The price of bitcoin has skyrocketed from a few cents to thousands of dollars. The earliest price data for Bitcoin dates back to March 2010, when, the industry's first bitcoin trading site, began operations. The value of this token is only $0.003, which means an impressive 338,433,233% appreciation compared to today's price slightly above $10,100. In the same period, even the most profitable investment in the Internet company's listing – the online advertising platform the Trade Desk – only got 1317% of profits. According to the earliest data on the bitcoin price recorded by CoinMarketCap (starting in April 2013 after three years), the price of bitcoin rose by 7420% in six years.