"Slow" public chain became a new favorite, IPC knows the production chain announced the launch of IP BANK and blockchain navigation system

In the Chinese scene technology valley in Hangzhou, the coin circle "Red Bag Sister" picked up a bottle of mineral water, and when it was a neck, it was drunk…

In just 5 days, IPC knows the production chain startup team and the IP Planet service team to jointly organize a thousand people conference, creating another miracle of IPC.

On August 24th, the "IP Planet Community Thousand People Festival" is in full swing. The IPC intellectual property chain co-founder Lu Siyu, who is known as the "red envelope sister", is almost exhausted. After accepting the CCTV era pioneers, After interviews with Zhejiang Jingshi and Hangzhou TV stations, she disregarded the image of the goddess and actually dried a bottle of water.

The hot scenes of the venue are no different. In the rest of the year, the popularity of IPC's knowledge chain has also increased a lot.

“This seems to be inconsistent with the current state of the public chain ecology.” Some investors are surprised. Because, in the past year, with the low price of the currency and the fading of the light, the star public chain has long since disappeared; the new generation of public chains is like a little water, although it is a little bit awkward, but it is very quiet. Therefore, under the overall gloom of the public chain market, IPC has no reason to be crazy.

Other investors believe that the IPC startup team has recently made a full-scale effort, especially in terms of brand building and community globalization, which has prompted IPC to embark on a wave of independent market. Moreover, at the end of the ceremony, a group of IPC's IP Planet nodes/quasi-node users of the heavy-duty IPC showed a bright future for IPC's intellectual property chain.

Noisy venues, grinding people's market, whether IPC can let investors enjoy the benefits, after all, is a hurdle in people's minds. The heavy signals released at the ceremony seem to indicate that a big battle is coming.

" Slow" public chain into a new favorite


In a public chain, the low-key existence and steady development is the impression that IPC knows the production chain to the outside world.

Therefore, there has been such a rumor in the currency circle: "IPC is doing too slowly, too much assets are invested, too much will not be fooled, too much will not pack itself…"

Although it is sensational, it is quite a word.

At the ceremony, Lu Siyu said eloquently that the IPC startup team is working and arranging with a long-term idea and pattern. Moreover, it is even more valuable to do a more ecologically closed loop that can solve the social needs and solve the pain points of the industry and achieve multi-win.

To this end, the conference has also produced such a set of data on the big screen: IPC knows that the production chain has been safely and stably operated for more than 600 days, and successfully passed the code security audit of the Fourth Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The block capacity is twice that of BTC, and ETH's 8 The transaction capacity is 4.8 times that of BTC and 60 times that of ETH. The number of transactions per second is 240 times that of BTC and 75 times that of ETH.

IPC knows the official website of the production chain and also shows that the IPC know-how chain has established a complete public chain ecosystem: through the public IPC to provide the underlying technology, Bibipay wallet to solve asset storage and transfer, TokenEco Exchange provides value circulation, VC Ventures provides funding and resources, and the Singapore Hashi Foundation provides one-stop solutions for Token issuance.

At the same time, IPC knows that the chain has announced the launch of "two killers", namely IP BANK and blockchain navigation system.

IPC knows the official chain of the production chain, IP Bank (Intellectual Bank) is a commercial service "bank" for intellectual and intellectual goods. Users can entrust their intellectual property to Zhiming Bank and carry out various businesses on the platform provided by Zhiming Bank. For example, pricing, transfer, pledge, auction and other derivative services.

The blockchain industry navigation system is similar to the blockchain information aggregation portal of Baidu and hao123 in the Internet era. Its IPC know-how chain flow PLAZA provides a platform framework for all customers to block, aggregate and share blockchain information. Provide ordinary users with classified navigation, fast search, accurate query, easy to use, and easy access to information access channels.

On August 5th, the “IP Planet”, an ecological mining pool DApp software developed by IPC's knowledge chain for linking to global community users, was launched. The outside world has speculated that this is a big move made by IPC's knowledge chain in the application of landing.

Like the outside world, IP Planet has a new gameplay called “Sweeping and Mining”, which is dedicated to the global blockchain community ecological link, pointing to the exhaustion of traffic, community fission distortion and repeated “wool party”. The stagnation of the currency circle.

At the ceremony, IP Planet announced the latest data: since August 8th at 10:28 am to August 23, the registered users have reached 100,000+. The rate of fission is amazing.

Analysts pointed out that IPC knows that the production chain follows a basic development logic in the blockchain field, namely “underlying public chain → solution → project application”. The IP Planet is the best example of being just as good.

The price of the currency "turned over" is in sight?

At the ceremony, many supporters believed that IPC was underestimated. They quoted a famous assertion by Xiao Feng, chairman of Wanxiang Blockchain, that is, "the value of the public chain = the total amount of all DApp values ​​on this public chain."

Recently, IPC, which is known by IPC, has launched a wave of IP in the currency circle. Lu Siyu said in an interview with the media that it added a gap in the IPC intellectual property chain ecology lacking geometrical fission applications, bringing a large number of new users and raising the value ceiling of IPC's knowledge chain.

Analysts believe that IP Planet brings two benefits to IPC: First, it increases the use of IPC and stimulates IPC buying; second, it sets the minimum recharge amount of nodes, which is equivalent to increasing the dynamic lock capacity of IPC.

IP Planet official data shows that as of 20:00 on August 28, the total IPC recharge amounted to 19.3 million, accounting for 20% of the total circulation, and the turnover in the past 24 hours was 21.83 million yuan. According to this analysis, it really stimulated the buying.

From the IPC price trend chart in the past 30 days, since the IPO news on the line was released in August, the IPC did benefit from the stimulus and ushered in a wave of gains. From August 1st, 2 yuan / piece continued to rise, as of 20:00 on August 28, the IPC price was 3.36 yuan / piece, the period high point of 4 yuan / piece, the increase almost doubled.


IPC price trend chart for nearly 30 days. Source: Non-small

On August 24th, "IP Planet Community Thousand People Festival", IPC knows that the production chain is once again releasing heavy benefits:

First, IP Planet and TNB, TCP, WINchain reached the first batch of strategic cooperation, adding acceleration to the community fission artifacts. Secondly, IPC knows the production chain and simultaneously completed strategic cooperation with five exchanges such as HKex, ZT, XoxoEX, HCoin and Bingo. Sign up.

It is understood that this is another leap in the transaction circulation level after the launch of five exchanges such as OKEx in January 2018 and the IPK intellectual property exchange “TokenEco Stock Exchange”. At this point, the number of IPC online exchanges has increased to 11.

Analysts believe that the IPC startup team's move is intended to increase market liquidity and rapidly expand consensus. Based on this judgment, IPC may have a short-term correction and set a medium- and long-term uptrend.

At the same time, IPC knows the production chain CMO Liu Yahui said in the speech entitled "IPC's Near-term Planning" that IPC's vision of the production chain is to realize the global marketization and industrialization of intellectual property, and the near-term goal is to build the IPC intellectual property chain into a global front. Top 20 brand public chain projects.

From the current point of view, whether the end of the year can be among the "top 20 of the total market value of encrypted digital currency" is still unknown, but there is a data IPC has ranked TOP20.

At 20 o'clock on August 28th, non-small data showed that IPC entered the hot search currency list TOP20, after surpassing the wave field to follow HyperCash, it is currently ranked 14th.


IPC entered the hot search currency list TOP20. Source: Non-small

A user of the IP Planet node who did not want to be named revealed that there is a consensus within IPC's knowledge chain that IPC will become the mainstream currency of “TOP20 of the total market value of encrypted digital currency” by the end of 2019.

In this regard, the Nuclear Finance APP tried to obtain confirmation through the official IPC intellectual property chain, but as of press time, no clear response has been received.

However, on August 26, IPC knows that the official chain has sent a good news: the Singapore Hash Foundation will open the second phase of the secondary market to buy IPC on August 27. The plan buys 200,000 pieces a day and is expected to last for 20 days, totaling 4 million IPCs. According to the data, the first phase of the Singapore Hash Foundation’s buy-in plan will buy 3 million IPCs from 15 August to 15 August. During this period, IPC prices rose for 10 days, rising from a low of 0.269 US dollars to a maximum of 0.555 US dollars, more than doubled.

There are indications that the IPC startup team's intentions are clear.


IPC goes to the historical gate

In the current game of the currency stock market, investors need to be careful whether they choose to attack or defend.

In the speech, Chen Jiu, the founder and CEO of Chen Jiujin, who is known as the "coin of the coin", shared how to judge the merits of a blockchain project and once again mentioned his "blockchain ecological golden triangle theory", that is, "people" The three elements of the road are also the golden rule of investment.

He said that “people” represents the community; “car” represents the project itself; “road” represents the basic channels of exchanges and wallets. To this end, he also compiled a paragraph, that is, "there are no cars in the air, some people have no cars to drink, there are roads to see Meng Po."

He believes that these three points are very important and indispensable. Therefore, the "people and vehicles road" of a blockchain project must be reliable.

First, stand in the perspective of "people." IPC knows that the production chain officially gives such a set of data, and currently has more than one hundred mature communities with more than two years. In addition, the community covers more than 60 cities and regions in China and internationally.

From the change in the number of currency-holding addresses, on July 6, IPC knew that the number of currency-holding addresses was 18,436. As of 20:00 on August 28, the number of IPC holders was 33,242. The number of new currency holding addresses was 14,806, a year-on-year increase of more than 44%.


The number of IPC bearer addresses has changed. Source: Non-small

Judging from the IP Planet registered users, as of August 23, the registered users have reached 100,000+. After the IP planet detonated the consensus, many well-known projects have signed a blessing, and then the probability will usher in the user growth climax.

Not only that, Lu Siyu also revealed in his speech that the future IP planet will open up three high-traffic highlands, namely the currency circle, the network red circle, and the social electricity circle.

This makes people have to admit that there will be more people pouring into the IPC know-how chain.

Second, stand in the perspective of "money." We know that IPC knows that the production chain has undergone several conversions between the bulls and bears, which shows that the financial strength is strong. In addition, on July 6, IPC knows the production chain to obtain the strategic investment of Wall Street GABC Demi Bank… It seems that IPC knows that the production chain is loose in the short term.

Again, standing in the perspective of the "road". Chen Jiu said that the contribution of US intellectual property rights to GDP is about 35%, and the contribution of China's intellectual property rights to GDP is only 11%, which shows the importance of the intellectual property industry to the construction of innovative countries. The IPC know-how chain came into being, and its commercial space is not worried.

He also pointed out that from the current point of view, it is an excellent opportunity for the public-chain entrepreneurial team to recharge their batteries, build up grain and build walls. Because, now many competitors have no strength and too lazy to speak out, which undoubtedly makes IPC know the production chain to smash the big price of overtaking.