RightBTC (R network) won the huge investment of angel investor Bao Erye, completed the 3.0 version upgrade


RightBTC (R network), the industry's leading mainstream digital asset trading platform, generated $10 million in revenue last year, and the company seems to have no intention of stopping. Recently, R Network not only completed the release of the new version of APP, but also received a huge amount of angel funds from well-known investor Bao Erye. R network's achievements in the cryptocurrency industry are obvious to all, and they are constantly seeking innovation to push the industry forward.


Bao Erye invests heavily, and promotes R network operation

The cryptocurrency exchange track is still very early, far from a stable pattern, and everyone has the opportunity to become the boss and not limited to the existing circle. As long as you dare to innovate and bring more and more significant value to the industry and users, this possibility exists. After the upgrade of version 3.0 of the R network, it brings a novel business model, smooth trading experience and diversified market operations. It actively explores the momentum of the global market and is expected to subvert the existing industry landscape.

R Network is a digital asset trading platform that has been in operation since 2014. It provides users with currency transactions including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Yuanjie ETP. R's vision is to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the emerging encryption economy, and look forward to maturing the encryption market while attracting traditional financial investors into the market. It is also such an impulse that the RightBTC trading platform has attracted a large number of loyal users and fans, and has been recognized by industry leaders.

According to official sources, R.com has received a huge strategic investment from the well-known angel investor Bao Erye. Different from its previous investment projects, Bao Erye will deeply participate in the market operation of R network. Bao Erye was an early investor in exchanges such as Gansu, Gate.io and ZB. This time he will deeply participate in and lead R network to become the world's leading digital asset management platform.

For the R network, Bao Erye's investment can bring a richer business and resource map. From the video of Bao Erye, R Network will still be a city partner event. More information can be found on the R network (www.rightbtc.pro).


Co-organize the global summit and enthusiastically develop the industry ecology

As we all know, the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries are experiencing rapid development. As a strong old-fashioned head exchange, R Net is in the upstream of the industry, but it has never been relaxed. R Network has been approaching new users and new partners by finding new models and new methods, and eager to develop industrial ecology together with blockchain industry partners.

R Network recently also reached a strategic cooperation with the Wise Summit to serve as the co-sponsor of the 6th FINWISE Global Summit and Macau Station to jointly create a top financial industry event. The focus of this conference is on blockchain investment and innovation, which will cover a more comprehensive industry sector. At that time, we will explore financial solutions and optimization solutions for various digital currencies, including the cryptocurrency industry, blockchain industry, and digital finance. Participants in various fields such as industry and traditional financial industry set up a resource sharing and exchange platform to tap potential industry resources and create opportunities for deep cooperation.


The conference will be held at the JW Marriott Hotel in Macau on September 21-22. The number of conferences will exceed 2000+, focusing on the “future road of distributed financial technology”, gathering top industry elites at home and abroad, and analyzing distributed The development trend of finance has condensed and expanded the industry consensus. At that time, R Network will lead the new trend of the world cryptocurrency exchange under the witness of thousands of people, and deeply integrate the opportunities of exchanges and cooperation between all parties in the industry.

Those who are interested in participating in the conference can also click on this link to register .


Upcoming online DNA, open airdrop activities

In the past five years, R-Net trading volume has been ranked among the best in CoinMarketCap. It is far ahead in terms of security and trading depth, and it has repeatedly created “Shenzhen Legend” in currency selection. As the first trading platform that brought the Ethereum ETH and the 2016 Ether Classic ETC into the domestic market and the world's first emerging ETP in 2017, the R network brought very substantial benefits to the early participating users.

At the same time, the R network professional team also rigorously screens global digital assets with high investment value through multi-level wind control, and will continue to launch excellent investment products on the platform to help investors to carry out more reasonable and effective digital asset allocation.

R network announced yesterday that it will launch the online DNA, and on August 27th to September 9th, 2019, it will conduct two rounds of DNA flying activities for all ETP positions of R network users.

DNA is the token of the Dualchain Network Architecture. The DNA double-strand system develops a parallel, anchored DNA-certified fast chain on the ETP base chain to solve the blockchain. Expandability and interoperability issues, while building a decentralized community ecosystem centered on DNA token rewards.

The scope of the airdrop is very wide and the threshold is low. Users who hold any number of ETPs on the R network can participate in this event; the currency of the airdrop is the double-chain token DNA. The event was divided into two rounds: the first round of DNA airdrop ratio was 1:1 (1 ETP was obtained for 1 DNA); the second round of DNA empty dose was 1:0.5 (holding 1 ETP for 0.5 DNA).

Note: For details of airdrop activities, please click on the official website announcement .


Upgrade is complete, mobile APP is on the line

R network recently completed the 3.0 version upgrade, equipped with a new engine, micro-second core memory integration technology to ensure a safe and efficient trading experience.

In addition to the technical breakthroughs, the R network does not neglect the details of the user's actual operation. In the new 3.0 version of the R network, the wallet service, recharge real-time block confirmation, market price/stop loss/advanced limit The price list, history/current entrusted unified query interface and all UI interfaces have been fully upgraded.

After completing the 3.0 version upgrade, in order to better meet the needs of users to use mobile terminal transactions, R network has also upgraded the APP in an all-round way, optimizing its transaction speed, interface design, service support and so on. The new version of the R network app was also upgraded on August 27, 2019, and was re-launched.

All kinds of efforts can be seen that this unicorn exchange does not stop at the trading business. R network is different from ordinary speculative companies. They are fully committed to creating a good ecosystem.

The founder of R Network said that R Network will continue to take the lead in the development and promotion of blockchain technology in the future. A series of activities will be launched in the future to help lower the barriers to entry into the cryptocurrency circle and extend the development boundaries of cryptocurrency exchanges.

In 2019, the R network concentrated its strengths on resources. With a combination of time and place, R Net has an unprecedented opportunity to deepen the cryptocurrency transaction to bring great potential to the currency circle that is taking off. Looking forward to the R-Net products and its experienced team, it can bring higher diversity to the exchange ecosystem.