Li Qiwei: Implementing the Mimblewimble Agreement or having a negative impact on LTC adoption due to privacy

According to AMBCrypto, LTC founder Li Qiwei said in an interview that Mimblewimble's work is progressing slowly and that Grin developers have joined the team. In addition, Li Qiwei is worried that after the implementation of the agreement, some major exchanges will be removed from the LTC due to the complete privacy of the agreement, thus affecting its adoption. Asked if Mimblewimble would replace the underlying agreement, Li Qiwei said that his initial idea was to add the protocol as an extension block, similar to the side chain, but would be attached to the main chain. He added that in this case, all miners will be required to simultaneously mine the main chain and the extension block after a soft fork. Once activated, the miner will have no choice but to mine the two blocks, otherwise an invalid block will be created.