Statistics show that there are 506 digital currency related intellectual property rights in the database of the State Intellectual Property Office, and the “Central Bank Department” has the most applications.

According to the 21st Century Business Herald, according to the National Intellectual Property Office database, the reporter found that as of August 27, there were 506 intellectual property rights related to digital currency. Among them, the “Central Bank Department” has applied for the most applications, the People’s Bank of China Digital Currency Research Institute applied for 49 articles, the People’s Bank of China Institute of Printing Science and Technology applied for 22 articles, and the China Banknote Credit Card Industry Development Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Blockchain Technology Research Institute applied for. Six articles. In addition, bitcoin mining machine manufacturer Bentland applied for 22 articles, and a blockchain company based in Hangzhou applied for 23. However, Bitcoin is focused on digital currency mining machines and digital currency mining systems.