Market Analysis: Falling as expected, risk control is the number one priority

Today, the market has fallen sharply. According to our observation model, Bitcoin has fallen below the convergence triangle in recent months without any negative situation. It can be said that it is a clear direction. I personally think that the market is still Will continue to explore support, the decline in mainstream currencies will generally be larger than Bitcoin, which indicates that the withdrawal of follow-up funds is serious, and the possibility of launching a new wave of market again is very small. In the short term, the only wind vane in the market is Bitcoin, so everyone Pay close attention to the trend of Bitcoin.


BTC resolutely chose to break down after a half-month volatility of the support level of 10,000 US dollars, and under the influence of no obvious negative, the choice to go down, indicating that the market's wait-and-see mood is very strong, not willing to do more at this time, and recently The target indicators are also good for shorts, the moving averages are short, macd is back below the zero axis and starts to diverge again. The possibility of this round's downswing to break the August 15 low is very high. There is no bargain-hunting, and I still wait and see.


The trend of ETH fully represents the weak market of other mainstream currencies except Bitcoin. The market is not like this. The target has once again hit a new low of rebound, which is basically in line with our previous judgment. Then the market may continue to explore. We have also been emphasizing that the target does not have the conditions for independent market. The brightest spot on the market is Bitcoin, so the participation value of the target has not been very high. The gap can also be seen from the decline. The focus is constantly moving downwards. Most of the funds participating in the target belong to the follow-up market. The market is not good. They are the fastest, so they can still watch the bitcoin.


BNB basically confirmed that it was a medium-term adjustment. Yesterday, a large Yinxian line was received, which broke through the support of the previous low of 24 US dollars. It is similar to my judgment. I personally think that the target will further explore the support, or Down the 5 antennas, according to the measurement of the decline, the target may be effectively supported around 18 US dollars, but at what rhythm to reach that point, it is not easy to say, may be reversed during the entire process of the downswing For the next 24 dollars, confirm whether the break is effective. If there is a counter-attack to leave the market, if a few big Yinxian hit the vicinity of 18 dollars, I will consider the small position to bottom out, does not constitute a suggestion, pay attention to risk.

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