Monitoring shows that the suspected PlusToken related address of Bitcoin was collected again on Friday for split transfer operation.

According to the Beijing chain safety monitoring shows, between 11:45 to 12:00 GMT, large transfers occurring on consecutive bits credits chain, and an amount of the main receiving address: 1Npr4Ze6nCK7hVxqiq39jDQN5M9Zdn6gJR 1932 Mei; 1NrwprK8MNZnSNk35EG5BBKYgwW7z1E31M 2433 Mei; 1FEYD95XSij4iBcUHKZZNcE6AzN99p5g2F 1937 Mei; 1BWvR7paNwPhBw47rpMR6z4izbuMcQSYwX 3222 1; 1QEEddo16ujz4VBgBrL4aAHCVBMGcyowzX 1140 pieces.
After traceability, the relevant transactions were all derived from the address of 1370 BTC generated by the big transfer last Friday. The address was 1Li4mUc3hCGMB6cgQiJCwTvLMYwkfKHZY8. The address was split again at 3:10 am today, and the relevant large amount of bitcoin was transferred to the noon today. The above address. According to previous analysis, 1Li4mUc3hCGMB6cgQiJCwTvLMYwkfKHZY8 traces the source to the active giant whale address frequently seen in the media this year: 14BWH6GmVoL5nTwbVxQJKJDtzv4y5EbTVm, the address is also considered to be the relevant address of the suspected PlusToken. That is, after a series of bitcoin collections on Friday, these bitcoins began to split again today, until the deadline, the relevant large amount of bitcoin still exists in the above independent address, and has not yet entered the exchange.