Blockchain concept stocks continued to rise, and Shenzhen Datong's 8 day 7 daily limit stock price soared over 80%

According to the Securities Daily News, on August 28th, the blockchain sector continued its upward trend. As of the close, the sector index rose by 0.06%. From the performance of individual stocks, the four blockchain concept stocks such as Shenzhen Datong, Precision Information, Aoma Electric and Beyondsoft closed at the daily limit. The reporter found that Shenzhen Datong had 7 daily limit in the last 8 trading days (August 19-August 28), and only had a daily limit on August 26 (up 3.36%). Accordingly, the stock price also went from 8 The 7.71 yuan/share opened on the 19th of the month soared to 14.14 yuan/share on the 28th, with a cumulative increase of 83.4%. During this period, Shenzhen Datong announced on August 26 that the stock exchange abnormal fluctuations announced that for three consecutive trading days (August 22, August 23, 26, 2019), the closing price increase exceeded the cumulative value by more than 20%. After self-examination, there is no violation of the fair disclosure of information. Investors are advised to invest rationally and pay attention to risks.