Data show: BTC fell below $10,000, and the volume of transactions related to mainstream exchanges soared

According to TokenGazer data analysis, as of 17:00 on August 29, BTC fell below $10000, the current price is $9,454.96, and the market value is $169,273.37M. The 24H BTC trading volume of the mainstream exchange is greatly affected by the market decline, and the transaction volume has increased significantly. It is about $1,363.57M, an increase of 143.19% from yesterday; the number of BTC active addresses remains stable, and the trading volume on the chain keeps an upward trend; the market value is steadily fluctuating, currently about 68.99%; the BTC release time is about 9.6min; BTC 30 Day ROI continued to decline; in terms of futures, BTC short-selling positions have shrunk; on the exchange side, BTC/USD Coinbase has a completely negative premium on BTC/USD Bitfinex, and investors need to be alert to recent market volatility risks.

Recently, the weaker macro environment has enabled Bitcoin to support for a period of time around $10,000. Last night, the overall performance of the cryptocurrency market was not good. When ETH/BTC's innovation was low and the market value of Bitcoin returned to more than 69%, Bitcoin also fell below 10,000 USD. Mainstream currencies fell more than Bitcoin, and the fall time was earlier than Bitcoin. The weakening of the IEO money-making effect has caused the platform coins that have performed well in the previous period to fall sharply.