Monitoring shows: PlusToken multi-sign address runs after the funds pooled

According to PeckShield Digital Asset Escrow System (AML) data, PeckShield lock-up monitoring PlusToken running multi-sign address occurred in the early hours of the morning after the convergence of the address, starting at 1Li4mU address 03:10 to 8 different addresses Transfer over 13,500 BTCs. PeckShield security personnel followed up and found that 91,779 BTCs that were originally multi-sign addresses have been concentrated into five single-signal addresses, which means that there is motivation and possibility for further money laundering, but no funds flow has been detected for the time being. The exchange, guessing that it is less likely to sell in the early morning. PeckShield hereby invites investors to be alert to market changes and to respond to market risks with caution.