Institutions sought after, Angel Wheel financing 20 million, what is the advantage of NewStar (net red chain) that changes the underlying accounting logic of the online red industry?

On August 27th, NewStar (Net Red Chain) announced the completion of the 20 million RMB angel round of financing.

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NewStar is a large-scale entertainment chain reform project jointly developed by Gaowei Space and 99EX. It transforms the underlying economic system of the entertainment industry through blockchain technology, and carries out valuable content for depositing, confirming, storing and securitizing assets.

It is reported that NewStar (Net Red Chain) not only receives 20 million financing from Angel Wheel, but also has a valuation of over 100 million. There are few projects with such high valuations. How does NewStar do it? Let's analyze it for everyone.

First of all, NewStar (Net Red Chain) relies on two new currency incubators, high-dimensional space and 99EX. These two institutions are pioneers in the deep-growing blockchain industry, and their participation can take NewStar to the next level.

High-dimensional space is a one-stop service provider for blockchains of well-known enterprises, providing a complete set of winding solutions for new projects and enterprises. The team has many years of blockchain and brand incubation experience. In the deep incubation and operation of the project, there are many successful cases in the high-dimensional space, which helps many companies to transform the blockchain, innovate and embrace the future. High-dimensional space provides creative technical services, community services and branding services for the project, including dapp operation and maintenance, community building, marketing planning and so on.

99EX, a long-term currency network, is a digital currency trading platform based in Singapore, which was launched in December 2018. As a newly emerging emerging exchange, 99EX is one of OKEx's first open exchanges. Based on the industry experience accumulated by OKEx for many years in the digital asset field, it shares depth and liquidity with OKEx main station to provide users with safe, reliable and convenient services. At present, 99EX has more than 20,000 live users and 1 billion daily turnover, which is in the midst of emerging exchanges.

In addition to the blockchain industry, NewStar's partners include 66 leisure numbers with live platform resources and Rain and Mist Media, which is engaged in the development and operation of the original Internet Red IP. Among them, the 66 leisure number platform itself has nearly 100,000 high-consumption people in the live broadcast industry, and has a deep industry experience in the cultivation of net red hatching and talent training. Rain and fog media's live broadcast business has a total flow of about 9 million, covering nearly 1,000 w precision fans.

The professional blockchain incubator and the platform of the familiar network red industry, these NewStar (net red chain) deep cooperation, is a solid guarantee of its landing, can make NewStar go more stable and farther.

Back to the project itself, the birth of NewStar (net red chain) aims to solve the opaque information of the network red industry, the status quo of platform closure, the use of the blockchain underlying architecture and token incentive model to change the entire network red industry – especially the live broadcast industry Economic shape.

The vision of NewStar (net red chain) is very ambitious. After all, major live broadcast platforms have emerged. The overall user scale is about 500 million, and the market size is over 50 billion yuan. The emergence of NewStar seems to be in the big tree. What is the advantage compared with the traditional platform?

In the traditional live broadcast platform, the data is recorded in the centralized server. The live content ranking list is not publicly recorded. In other words, the platform determines what the user can see. In the live broadcast pricing and rewards, the centralized platform also has a large voice, and the unfair share system with the net red is the biggest drawback. In the NewStar (network) model, a decentralized solution is rebuilt to allow content producers and consumers to talk directly, improving efficiency and reducing friction. At the same time, we will add a highly innovative token incentive model to maximize the benefits of all parties and ensure the smooth and stable operation of the platform through the simplest humanity drive.

Specifically, NewStar will issue blockchain-based tokens (NST, NewStar Token) through smart contracts, with a total of 2 billion pieces. In addition to purchases, users can also obtain mines through community mining.

NewStar provides users with an open, fair and democratic Internet infrastructure and ecology. Users can directly use tokens to vote, consume, reward, crowdfund, trade, and receive token rewards for their active behavior.

For example, consumers will spend tokens while watching live broadcasts and interactions, watch advertisements, and get token rewards when forwarding live links. For content producers, that is, net red, you can get rewards through content output and fan rewards, or you can get the token rewards of advertisers by diverting the merchants. Net red can also be used to reward, second crowdfunding, IP peripheral purchases, etc. by issuing its own IP corresponding level pass.

Guilds or brokerage companies can also participate in the NewStar (network red chain) ecosystem, they let their network red into the platform, pay the token reward to the users who watch the comments forward, and later distribute the tokens to the audience together with the net red. Although this model has similarities with the traditional model, the token can be checked on the chain, open and transparent, and always reflects the advantages of using the blockchain.

In addition, NewStar also supports real-time deposit and copyright protection of the produced content, generating globally unique digital information for original works, including data such as author and release time, using blockchain technology to reduce The cost of determining the right.

In addition to the above several application scenarios, NewStar will change the e-sports chain side chain in the future, and combine e-sports, predictive quiz, game live broadcast, content output incentives, etc. The underlying technology of the blockchain re-constructs a complete solution to further improve the pan-entertainment layout of NewStar.

On August 28th, Nova Club also announced a strategic partnership with NewStar.

Nova Club is an investment ecosystem of mainstream organizations in the blockchain industry that aims to unite, pool, and incubate more potential projects. Existing members include Bisheng Capital, Consensus Laboratories, Chain Capital, QRC Group, Eight-Dimensional Capital, Kevin Capital, Benford Capital, Chain Capital, Quest Capital, China Blockchain Expert (CBE), Water Drop Capital, BitAsset Ecological Fund, Spark Capital, Uniform Capital, Matcha Capital, Imagination Fund and Golden Capital.

Integrating the resources in the circle and adopting the core logic of the industry's core logic, NewStar, it is not surprising that there are hundreds of millions of valuations in the angel round.