Zhao Changpeng: The currency security plan in the future open source coin chain and Binance DEX

According to Cryptoglobe, on August 28th, Changan CEO Chang Changpeng conducted an AMA on Twitter. Regarding the smart contract support of Binance Chain, although there is some internal dispute, as far as he knows, he has not actually started any development work. Users can directly trade through 30 or so wallets that support Binance DEX, such as Trust Wallet. The currency security plan is in the future open source chain (Binance Chain) and Binance DEX. Coin knows that many centralized exchanges want to offer their own DEX, but hope to encourage more innovation by forcing these exchanges to experiment with their own solutions instead of using a fork of the currency security solution. Coin is looking for a partner for the regional version of Libra's Venus program. In response to the recent decline in BNB prices, Zhao Changpeng said that the currency can do is to continue to work to increase the adoption of BNB. They have one of the most diligent teams in the industry. “Most of our teams work 16 hours a day, including myself.” For the euro-backed stable currency, the company hopes to issue euro-backed stable coins in the future (currently There is no specific plan) because the market has a demand for it. However, according to Zhao Changpeng, this is not as easy as it sounds, because the euro is a legal currency with negative interest rates, so redemption is a tricky issue.