Video | Babbitt "8 Questions" 2 minutes mixed, 40 industry big brothers together with the box, inciting people!

All I can do is to record it truly

It is now August 29, 2019. I have been in Babbitt for 18 months. The video section of "8 Questions" has been one and a half years old. It's not a long time in a year and a half, but it is still the longest-lived video interview in the blockchain industry.

It has been 10 months since the second season of "8 Questions" was launched. In the 10 months, we cooperated with 11 media to launch 26 video programs, interviewed 40 guests (list at the end of the article), and made an appointment. 455 questions, single-batt official website hits 250W, the whole network attracts users 550W. In the bear market, these figures are still satisfactory.

Among the guests I interviewed, there were “old people” who entered the industry in 2011, and “new people” who entered the market soon; there were 90 generations after my contemporaries, and “old people” in the 1950s; This person, there are people who are about to leave the industry… Talk to them, collide with them, and truly reflect the blockchain in the present situation. I am doing the second season of "8 Questions". Original intention.

Power is aphrodisiac, and money is also. In the past 10 years, the ups and downs of the industry have brought a group of speculators. The rich are a very small number of people. Most of them are empty, or they are in debt. Coupled with the incomprehensibility of most people, the reputation of this industry is not as good as our own feelings. Even a group of cute people focus on blockchain technology, focus on the underlying infrastructure, and focus on the application of blockchain technology. But the words "scam", "MLM", "cut leeks" and "blockchain" are bundled together.

Before entering the blockchain media industry, I have been in the media of the art circle. The relatively quiet art certainly makes people feel comfortable in the present world, but this feeling does not bring much thrust to the advancement of the world. The blockchain is a new world, a world of mixed technology and finance. It makes people often in conflict, not so comfortable.

The bells and whistles of marketing, pretending to be lively posters, false exaggerated data, claiming to be the first flag… These people feel that the circle is too small, the gameplay is very low, distorting the true value of the blockchain. In this era of information bombardment, we seem to have no choice, how can people pay attention to plain information?

Successful entrepreneurs will be promoted to the altar and sought after by the media as "Godfather of XX." But the vast majority of entrepreneurs have already vanished before dawn. The hardships behind success are very imaginable. Interview with Cai Liangbin, who was in early January 2019, influenced my judgment with a contagious speech-style chat. It was not until 4 months later that I was doing "starting, trauma and creation, a "burning point" of a blockchain entrepreneur", when was the most difficult stage for Cai Liangbin. He said that at the end of last year, he had produced products that had been used for half a year and tens of millions of dollars. He found that the market did not need it at all, and suddenly he had no direction. If this situation continues, I will not be able to continue.

Seeing value, identifying value, and believing it is a power. I don't know if the blockchain will become awkward in the future, but I have been expecting it all the time, and I look forward to the blockchain that can be brilliant today like the Internet today.

From the beginning of this year to the present, I have participated in many offline activities, either as a moderator or as an audience. The reward for participating in offline activities is that the blockchain era, which simply pays for feelings and dreams, is becoming a thing of the past, and it is time to use the blockchain. From the first season of "8 Questions" Slogan – hear the sound of the blockchain, to the next season we will use Slogan-¬¬ – to explore the boundaries of the blockchain. We will grow with the industry and look for value applications in the blockchain to deliver real value.

I have received many friends' praises for "8 Questions", such as "there are few high-quality programs in the industry", "the best programs in the industry", "the most dedicated programs in the industry", and "the only ones to watch". … In fact, I was somewhat guilty when I received these praises. From shooting to editing, from hosting to content, the final presentation and my original vision still have a certain gap, and there are still many aspects to be upgraded.

Of course, some friends have sincerely warned that when traditional big media comes in, many media in this industry have no chance to come out. In fact, I don't worry that the traditional big media will not have our rice bowl, because when the traditional media comes in, it means that the market for the blockchain is big enough. Since there is such a big market, there is no need to worry about not being able to share a piece of it.

God is the sum of the will of all mankind. We are only the "deaf" of all beings. The will of the individual cannot be great and immortal. Only when the will of "all beings" gathers together can we become God and truly change the world. Although "8 Questions" is an interview section of the blockchain industry, I have been talking with the guests from the perspective of entrepreneurs. They are just a drop in the sea of ​​entrepreneurship in the early 21st century, and some people will not even be able to do so for many years. But as long as you have hopes, you can survive on the Jedi, and you will grow up in the trough, each individual will be small and great.

I like that they are always full of passion, full of curiosity, full of tolerance and full of resilience. As a media person, I often think about it: What can I do at this stage to bring real benefits to the industry? Rather than just creating public opinion and hotspots for the eyes of bloggers. In the end, my conclusion is: objectively and truthfully record the status quo, tap the value that can be created, accommodate the fellow travellers, and make a program that can survive the content. As a record of the short-lived images of an era, I am proud of my guests and I am honored for my work.

With the second quarter guest list (sorted by broadcast time)

Jiang Nibing, Chairman of Duo Niu Capital, Yang Ning, Angel Investor, Huang Minqiang, CEO of Gongxinbao, Pan Chao, Head of MakerDAO China, Li Jun, CEO of Innovation, Wang Jiaping, Executive Director of Innovation Works, Lu Yang, CEO of Chain, Cai Liangbin, CEO of Fangtu, F2Pool Founder Shenyu, Zhang Hongxin, associate professor of School of Computer Science and Technology, Zhejiang University, Feng Jun, the first person in Blockchain News, Cai Weide, Professor of Beihang University, Xu Ma, founder of Fibos, Xu Yiji, founder of Nebula Chain, Gavin Wood, founder of Polkadot, founding of ImToken He Bin, HashQuark CEO Li Chen, Real Estate Network founder Dai Yue, ViaBTC founder Yang Haipo, Digital Qin Technology CEO Yu Xueyu, Algorand founder Silvio Micali, PlatON Yuntu CSO Xiao Ziwen, CEO Zhuangzhong, Yilai Cloud Foundation Founder Han Feng, EMOGI founder Ray Xiao, and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Dr. Cheng Xiaoming.

Participate in "Entrepreneurship, Trauma and Creation, a Blockchain Entrepreneur's "Random""

Babbitt CEO Chang Wei, Bit Buy CEO Li Ming, Rong Ke CEO Cai Wei, 33 Complex Beauty CEO Wu Sijin, Jia Nan Zhi Zhi CEO Kong Jianping, Peruvian Technology COO Wang Xiaoliang, than the original chain CEO Duan Xinxing, Digital Qin Technology CEO Gao Hang , Egg Star CEO Zhang Ge, Yunxiang blockchain CEO Huang Butian, programmers Inn CEO Chen Kehao, vernacular blockchain CEO Ma Dan, currency party wallet CEO Hu Yuanquan. Bitcoin China founder Yang Linke.

Special thanks to the cooperation media of the second quarter of "8 Questions": password geek, live currency, Mars Finance, Golden Finance, 36 kr, Chain De, 31 District, Vernacular Block Chain, Alpaca Block Chain, Pomegranate Finance Tel Yingfu