The data shows that the supply of ETH has increased by 40 million in the past three years.

According to Trustnodes, the total supply of Ethereum has almost doubled since 2016 and has now reached more than 107 million, far higher than the 72 million in 2016. The current supply is nearly 10 million more than V God’s previous expectations. V God said in 2017, “In the foreseeable future, the supply will not be much higher than 100 million.” V God said that the supply and This significant difference between actual supplies may be because: "Any delay in the difficulty bomb should also respect the ETH supply growth curve." But this is not the case, compared to a year ago, ETH's issuance is expected to be $1.5 billion. This is because although the "difficult bomb" has been postponed twice. If you don't delay, mining ETH will be more difficult because the difficulty will gradually increase, which means fewer blocks can be found. This year, each block award was reduced from 3ETH to 2ETH, and an estimated 14,000 ETHs were added each day.