People's Daily Overseas Edition: The online invoice of blockchain is no less than a reform of tax collection and management

On August 30th, the People’s Daily Overseas Edition published an article entitled “Implementation of blockchain electronic invoices in Shenzhen to ensure data security and smuggling”. The article said that the blockchain electronic invoices are on the line, as much as a taxation management perspective. All along, China has adopted the tax collection and management model of “taking the ticket management tax”, which requires complicated technical means to ensure the uniqueness of electronic invoices, which invisibly increases social costs. Under the premise of low cost, the blockchain model can realize the impractical, on-demand billing, full-time monitoring and data inquiry of electronic invoices, so that the electronic invoice system can be unloaded at the moment of “anti-counterfeiting”. ", return the transaction credentials and the source of the original accounting documents. Taxpayers “do not need paper invoices, no special equipment, full mobile phone self-service, transactions are invoiced, and invoicing is reimbursed”.