Suspected PlusToken related address was split again in the afternoon yesterday morning

According to Beijing Chain Security, a number of large bitcoins split yesterday from the suspected PlusToken related address 1Li4mUc3hCGMB6cgQiJCwTvLMYwkfKHZY8 were re-split yesterday afternoon, which was split into single digit BTCs and stored in a large number of newly generated addresses. On August 29th, from 17:00 to 18:30, the large amount of transfer (more than 100 BTC transfers) in the unit block on the bitcoin chain increased rapidly. After analysis, most of them were large bitcoins distributed in the morning of 1Li4mUc3hCGMB6cgQiJCwTvLMYwkfKHZY8. Further splitting, after a quick split, produces a large number of single digit BTCs. After 4 o'clock in the morning on August 30, the above part of the address began to split again, continuing to produce a large number of single digit BTC. As of the time of publication, most of the relevant large amount of bitcoin transfers that started in the early hours of yesterday have been split below 20 BTCs. The relevant bitcoins are temporarily stored in independent addresses. The follow-up trend needs further observation. Pay attention to the institutions that operate the currency.