Deputy Secretary of Loudi Municipal Committee: Accelerate the application of blockchain technology and build an honest economic system

According to Loudi News Network, on August 28th, deputy secretary of the Loudi Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Yang Yuwen said at the special meeting that it is necessary to accelerate the application of blockchain technology and achieve "three openness", open data, open scenarios, and open platforms. It is necessary to highlight the key points of work, concentrate, concentrate, concentrate on developing financial blockchains and real estate blockchains, and increase the promotion of real estate blockchain information sharing platforms throughout the country. Project construction of blockchain basic network platform, enterprise industry and commerce network and taxation service platform, and state-owned capital blockchain competitive parity platform. In the process of accelerating the development of the blockchain industry, it is necessary to have a sense of risk and responsibility; to attract a group of blockchain application technology experts and talents to use, to use the blockchain technology to create an honest economic system and restore the credit of Loudi City. I hope that the new generation of the new Internet economy will bear fruit at the end of the day.