Advanced APT attacks are frequent, and many digital currency exchanges have become hacker targets.

According to the news of the peacekeeping security laboratory, the senior hacker team and even the national hacker organization have been active again in recent days. Many digital currency exchanges have been targeted by APT attacks, and the specific asset losses are still in the statistics. It is reported that since the beginning of the year, several exchanges have suffered huge asset losses due to high-level APT attacks, mainly due to the lack of security awareness of external service personnel. The dimension reduction security experts indicated that the following defense measures can be taken against the APT attack: 1. Separate the network segment of the internal network. 2. External service personnel are isolated from internal and external network physical machines. 3, the use of mature and effective trap-type security defense products, eg face wall trap defense system. 4. A targeted penetration test can be used to conduct security checks on the exchange website and customer service.