Bitcoin fell below the convergence triangle, and there was no obvious bearish signal in this round of decline.

The problem of US bond yields upside down has not been alleviated. The unemployment rate in South Korea has soared rapidly. When there is a problem in the economy, South Korea, as an economic canary, will take the lead in sensing that the world economy has fallen into a quagmire. The inflation rate will continue to rise, so the price of safe-haven assets will further soar. The anti-inflation assets are sought after by people. Is cryptocurrency an anti-inflation asset? Judging from the risk-reward ratio of the current cryptocurrency market, it is obviously not. It is more appropriate to define it as a high-risk asset. At present, I am still waiting to see if there is no plan. BTC BTC continued to fall below the convergence triangle, and the two consecutive falling K lines all showed heavy volume. The current round of the decline did not show obvious bearishness, indicating that there are large funds leaving the market. It is still uncertain whether the funds will continue to flow out. This is also because there is a positive trend in the previous period when there is a clear positive trend. The normal decline of the target is not expected. The probability of this round of breaking the August 15 low is very high. I have not bargained. Wait and see, and the indicators of the target are also favorable to the bears in the near future. The moving averages are short, the macd is back below the zero axis and begins to diverge again. If the current round hits a new low, there may be a new low. It is necessary to confirm whether the break of the convergent triangle is effective. The individual thinks that the current break is an effective break. The target is a medium-term adjustment.

The trend of ETH ETH fully represents the weak market of other mainstream currencies except Bitcoin. The target once again hits a new low of rebound, which is basically in line with our previous judgment. Then the market may continue to test, we have been Under the emphasis, the target does not take the conditions of independent market, the brightest child on the market is still bitcoin, so the participation value of the target has not been very high, the gap can also be seen from the decline, the focus of the target is constantly Moving down, most of the funds participating in the target belong to the follow-up market, the market is not good, they are the fastest, so whether they can stop watching or look at Bitcoin, and the next strong support of the target is Near the $150, combined with the trend of Bitcoin, if there is a heavy volume at this point or a small position can participate.

BNB BNB basically confirms that it is a medium-term adjustment. It is similar to the previous judgment. I personally think that the target will further explore and seek support. According to the measurement of the decline, the target may be effectively supported around 18 dollars, but what kind of The rhythm has reached this point. It is not easy to say now. In the whole process of the downswing, you may take a back-draw of $24 to confirm whether the break is effective. If there is a counter-attack to leave the game, if the direct big number hits 18 Near the dollar, and with the heavy volume, I will consider the small position bargain-hunting, does not constitute a suggestion, pay attention to risk.

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