Slow fog technology cosine: The digital currency industry lacks state-related regulatory endorsements, and there are many chaos

According to the daily economic news, cosine of the blockchain eco-security company Slow Mist Technology Co., Ltd. analyzed in an interview. In short, there are two main risks in the currency circle. The first risk is underground hackers. The current currency circle, whether it is infrastructure or superstructure, is relatively fragile. Compared to the Internet, the attack cost of attackers is very low. Through these attacks, underground hackers can steal many digital currencies. The second risk is the lack of supervision in this industry, the lack of state-related regulatory endorsements, and a lot of chaos, such as various funds, gambling, etc. These acts are actually illegal fundraising with blockchain gimmicks. And for how to protect the security of digital currency, Cosine said that this is a new industry, small white investors should learn more about the industry, not just look at the surface. As the knowledge deepens, there will be some judgment on many superficial packaging and gimmicks. In addition, mobile phones and computers that store digital currency should install anti-virus software. It is the most basic security precaution to store digital currency without using software downloaded through unknown channels.