Huang Lianjin: Technical solutions for Yuanjie DNA meet current technical security needs

On August 30, 2019, the "2019MiiXCon Global Blockchain Application Eco-developer Summit-Development Power·Creation Trend" was held in the Grand Union Hotel, Nanxiang, Shanghai. Mr. Huang Lianjin, an expert member of the China Electronics Society Blockchain Branch, was invited as a special guest to participate in the “Signaling Ceremony of the Yunxiang Chain Launch Conference” with the leaders, organizers and other industry representatives of the relevant departments of Shanghai Jiading District.

Subsequently, as the guest of the round table, Huang Lianjin participated in the theme roundtable forum of “Technical Challenges and Breakthroughs in Accelerating Industrial Application of Blockchain Technology Accelerated”. He pointed out that the recent demonstration of the nominated digital assets in Shenzhen and the release of Libra indicate the development of blockchain. Will enter a new historical stage. At present, the technical challenges faced by blockchain technology also exist, mainly to solve technical security and identity security issues. He mentioned that the solution of the Yuanjie DNA on solving digital identity security and technical security is in line with the development needs and development direction of the current blockchain technology.