World Bank Zhang Zhijun: The issuance of central bank digital currency cannot completely replace banknotes

According to China Securities Network, on August 29, at the "Peking University Digital Finance Forum – Network Security Hidden Danger of Distributed Digital Finance", Zhang Zhijun, chief information security architect of the World Bank, said that the issuance of digital currency by the central bank is not a problem at the institutional level. . In practice, basically, the central bank will issue digital currency to large banks and large institutions, and they will be specifically allocated to individuals. But the issuance of digital currency is unlikely to completely replace banknotes, because there are still many people who are not used to using electronic payments. Therefore, for a long time in the future, the central bank still needs to support both paper money and digital currency. He also pointed out that if the central bank wants to issue digital currency based on the blockchain, it must choose a very stable and time-tested technology, and do not adopt too "new" technology in pursuit of speed. Blockchain is used in digital currency, first to ensure that asset rights records and transaction records are accurate, and second is speed. It is dangerous to adopt an unverified protocol for speed. In this regard, Libra uses the PBFT consensus algorithm that has been around for many years. In general, a protocol needs to be tested in the market for about a decade, and its reliability can be believed.