Security company: Some PlusToken bitcoin assets are confusing and then sold through off-exchange OTC channels

According to PeckShield monitoring, in the past ten days, the BTC in the key address of PlusToken has been continuously divided and distributed, and the assets at other addresses have been transferred in the same way. In the past two weeks, approximately 57,751 BTCs were eventually cut into small discrete transfers ranging from 0.1-10 BTC. At present, most of the BTCs that are cut into small amounts are temporarily stored in different addresses. Due to the characteristics of the BTC address, it is impossible to determine that this part of the assets has flowed into the exchange. But a small number of assets are also confusing through tools like ChipMixer, and then sold through OTC channels. The address starting with 125nvL is transferred out of a transaction generated by the PlusToken main wallet address transfer asset starting with 31odn4. After that, the asset was transferred to a number of addresses by a number of transfers starting from the address beginning with 37K1qd. Continuing to trace, the BTC, which was cut into small amounts, was cleaned with other UTXOs as input. The amount of BTC before and after input and output is the same, the input is disorderly, but if you carefully observe the output, you will find traces: 1. The minimum output is around 0.001 BTC; 2. There are many outputs of the same BTC amount, such as 0.20122882, etc.; There are a large number of outputs that double the amount of BTC, such as 0.20122882, 0.40245764, and so on.