ChainNode evaluation: imKey hardware wallet

Hello, Hello, welcome to this issue of ChainNode evaluation. Experience fresh and good things, spit anti-human design. The protagonist of this issue, the imKey hardware wallet, is the first hardware wallet to be incubated by imToken investment. It is reported that the imKey team is headquartered in Singapore and has branches in Beijing and Hangzhou. Its core members are mainly from banking financial institutions, third-party payment and security hardware manufacturers, and have a senior financial security background. The imKey hardware wallet went on sale in March and received very good market feedback. Let's take a look at this hardware wallet and see what he has to offer!

<Unpacking experience>

The wallet's box is very light and compact, and the small partners who have used various sports bracelets will appreciate that this wallet box is similar in size to the sports bracelet. There is a sticker on the connection of the box. Remember to look at it before you open it. This sticker is torn and ruined. If there are traces of tearing, don't take it lightly. At this point, in line with other manufacturers, the security considerations are more meticulous ~ open the box, the first thing that comes into view is the operating instructions. After the opening, the bottom is the wallet body, and the next layer is the MicroUSB cable, which is very streamlined. The small card package contains Chinese and English wallet instructions, a mnemonic and a sticker for each of the Chinese and English. The after-sales card is not set separately, and the after-sales information is at the end of the manual. After the sale, the official is called the wallet security considerations. During the warranty period, the wallet is broken and replaced directly. It is obvious that the team is very confident in the product quality control!

<Getting started>

The opening of the box is over and back to the wallet body. After the wallet was taken out of the card design, it was surprisingly found that two paper cards were embedded underneath. The content of the card was the two-dimensional code of the tutorial. It seems that the team made a multi-party consideration for the first time using the hardware wallet, only for the user. It's easier to get started. The wallet is a card wallet, the thickness of the bank card is only slightly thicker (2.3mm), and the size is only half the size of the bank card. It is easy to put into the wallet or business card holder for easy storage. The whole is a steady black, the front is the display and the operation buttons, the back is made of metal and iced, the front is matte plastic, and the overall workmanship is small and exquisite. Not using the popular typeC line connection, it may also consider the product Bluetooth connection, the design of the USB port is just charging, the Micro port can be charged on the basis of not increasing the thickness of the product.

The wallet button is located on the front side, and the drop-shaped button has a pressing touch. Long press the boot, select the language, OK, open the imToken APP to open the phone Bluetooth, enter the pairing code (the tutorial in the upper right corner, two words intimate), the binding code input

Security check, activate binding, set 6-8 digit PIN code

Choose to create a wallet, copy mnemonics, and scramble the check

The wallet is created for about 3 minutes, re-imToken connects to imKey and waits for a moment.


<transaction experience>

imKey Wallet is a product of imtoken strategy incubation. There is no need to download the wallet app separately, and for the old users of imToken, it can be seamlessly switched from the software hot wallet to the hardware cold wallet. Let's take a demonstration of the EAC's sending and receiving process on imKey. For users who bind the imKey, they will find the wallet in the upper left corner of the app to see the newly created wallet on the imKey. Click to enter to enter the corresponding Ethereum wallet and daily use is no different, it should be emphasized that the wallet created by imKey has the imKey small logo behind the wallet name (Mom no longer worry about my wrong wallet address) Transfer operation selection After confirming the transaction amount on the imkey address, press the OK button. After the final confirmation, the transaction will be broadcast.


imKey is the first experience of the hardware team in the blockchain hardware wallet, the experience is extremely high. And in many respects for the ease of use of wallet white users, imToken has a detailed operation video of the wallet. Security aspect built-in CC EAL6+ security chip, and the market CC EAL5+ is still mainstream, it has been ahead of the lot. And the application of multi-signature is also enough to resist man-in-the-middle attacks, and the integrity of transaction data is no longer worrying. If you have to say that it is not good, compared to other hardware wallets than the mobile phone is still big, imKey is too small, long time no need, do not forget to put it ~ For the currency party, still honestly It is locked in the safe ~ At present imKey only supports btc, eth, eos, cosmos four main chain coins and all erc20 tokens, if I have btm, qtum this currency can not be stored in the wallet. However, this seems to be the pot of imToken. I hope that imToken will support more currencies in the future and let imKey play more functions. The above is probably to experience all the shortcomings of it now. Having said that, you must care about how much money this wallet costs. Currently available on the imKey official website, imToken client. The price of RMB 499 is also supported by the digital currency ETH, DAI, and USDC. This price is really not high. As a believer in digital currency, a good wallet can add to the faith. As a sincere and full product, imKey is sure to be the first wallet for every digital currency enthusiast~

<personal experience rating, for reference only>

Appearance 4

Safety 5

Easy to use 5

Portable 5

This assessment is here, evaluate the new good things, all in the Babbitt & Chain node. Who should we spit in the next evaluation? Waiting for you to leave a message.

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