Hero Post: Wuzhen Babbitt Accelerator Potential Project DemoDay, waiting for nothing

“Which important question do you have different opinions from others?”

This is the ultimate question for the interviewer by Silicon Valley investment angel and PayPal founder Peter Till. It is also the magic weapon for him to hunt talents and companies.

He disdains the answer that is correct but has many people agree, and the answer he expects should be like this – most people believe in X, but the truth is the opposite of X.

"Only a future different from this moment can be called the future. If the difference occurs after 100 years, then the future is there." He called this logic a vertical progressive from 0 to 1.

The blockchain is from 0 to 1, which is a dream-seeking journey that everyone is drunk and I am alone. At this moment, we are already on board.

Behind it is the gradual blurring of the old world, in front of it is a new continent that is invisible, and it is surrounded by vast and boundless seas. The waves caused the deck to shake violently, and the wind made the sails sizzle. Are you eager or afraid in your heart standing on the deck? How do you get to the promised land, what is your opinion, is there an answer in mind?

From November 8th to 9th, the 2nd World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen will be grandly opened at Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Center. At that time, more than 100 experts and scholars in the field of global blockchain, digital assets, AI and 5G will be invited. Big coffee, opinion leaders, and founders of popular projects will gather in Wuzhen, and it is expected that the number of participants will exceed 4,000 and the media will exceed 100.

This will be one of the largest and most socially influential comprehensive blockchain summits in China and the world. It provides a great stage for the blockchain project to show itself to the entire industry.

On the eve of the conference, on November 7th, Babbitt and Babbitt Accelerator will organize a “Demo Day” project in Wuzhen, and we hope to explore the quality projects in the blockchain industry and use the media amplifier to empower the project if you For the future, there are different ideas for the blockchain. You are walking on the road to explore the boundary of the blockchain, and you are confident enough to believe that you are the embodiment of the blockchain world from 0 to 1. Then, join the “Demo Day” project, we will provide you with a stage in Wuzhen, let you tell your thoughts and stories to the absolute core blockchain practitioners and investors.


There is no shortage of flowers, no applause, no spotlights in this world. We just want to let the really powerful projects come to the stage. Application is unbounded, we don't need you to be a player on a popular track, we only have three requirements for you.

1. Not financed on the exchange; 2. Completed the project white paper; 3. Code open source;

Below is the time schedule for the "potential project DemoDay".

2019.09.01 official registration; 2019.10.11 finalist announcement; 2019.10.11 competition start; 2019.11.07 Wuzhen Babit Accelerator potential project DemoDay; 2019.11.09 game is over.

The power is not stopped, the bit is not limited, by screening you will get:

The most extreme exposure of the Wuzhen Summit Roadshow stage; Babbitt Accelerator Customized Resource Docking Service; Batten Wuzhen Summit Tickets; Brand Upgrade, Strategic Cooperation Title;

If you are excited about DemoDay, the Wuzhen Babit Accelerator Potential Project, you can click on the link below to register, the Babbitt Accelerator will contact you and filter, and then issue you a valuable ticket to Wuzhen.

Sign up for the express train: http://wer8btcboost.mikecrm.com/CLjay96 The 2nd World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen Summit will go directly to the elevator: https://www.8btc.com/wbc-2019