Sideways shock, waiting for the market to choose direction again

Investment is an art of counter-humanity. This is almost the consensus of all investment masters. When we are young, we will more easily value certain dominant advantages, such as intelligence, such as eloquence, and then gradually give way to self-discipline, patience, and pragmatism. Because under the test of time, these "anti-humanity" characters are the weapon that really helps us to go longer and more stable. Investing in a moment is easy, and lasting success is difficult. The most prominent commonality of investment masters is the character of “reverse humanity”. The cryptocurrency market is lacking, and the volatility of the volatility sideways mode has been opened. The enthusiasm for participating in the bottom-hunting is not high. I haven’t checked the bottom yet. I think it will take time to judge whether there will be a small rebound here, but I personally think that this is not the end. The market's focus will move further down. BTC BTC oscillated in the vicinity of the lower triangle of the convergence triangle, the volume of sales has shrunk, and the funds for dip is not active. There is still some competition here, and it may continue to fall along 5 antennas. The next round of the round breaks the low of August 15 The possibility is very high, I have not bottomed out, and I still wait and see, and the indicators of the target are also favorable to the shorts in the near future. The moving averages are arranged in a short position, and the macd returns to the zero axis and begins to diverge downward again. A new low since the rebound, there may be a new low back pump to confirm whether the break of the convergence triangle is effective, personally think that this round fell below the effective break, the target is a medium-term adjustment.

ETH ETH is also a trend of shrinking and volatility. The 5 antennas are close to the price of the currency and form a certain pressure on the price of the currency. The continuous decline of the target fully represents the weak market of other mainstream currencies except Bitcoin, which is basically the same as our previous judgment. In line with the market, the market may continue to explore. We have also been emphasizing that the target does not have the conditions for independent market. The value of participation has not been high. The gap can also be seen from the decline. Most of the funds participating in the target belong to the target. With the market, the market is not good, they are the fastest, so whether they can stop watching or look at Bitcoin, and the next strong support of the target is around 150 US dollars, combined with the trend of Bitcoin, If there is a heavy volume at this point, you can participate in a small position.

BNB BNB and maintaining the mid-term adjustment judgment, there may be a back-draw to confirm whether the 24-$ low break is effective, but it is not recommended to bargain here, the value is not high, I personally think that the target will further explore the support, according to Measuring the decline, the target may be effectively supported around 18 US dollars, but at what rhythm to reach that point, it is not easy to say, in the process of the entire downswing may be counter-drawing 24 dollars, confirm the break Whether it is effective, if there is a counter-picked attention to leave, if a few big Yinxian hit near 18 dollars, and with the amount of heavy volume, I will consider the small position bargain-hunting, does not constitute a suggestion, pay attention to risk.

The author's point of view is only used for learning communication, not as an investment recommendation, and does not constitute an investment basis!