Brave Software co-founder: Brave browser introduces BAT tokens to eradicate traditional payment methods

According to AMBCrypto, Brave Software co-founder Brendan Eich recently shared his thoughts and motivations behind Brave development in an interview. Brendan Eich first admitted that he was tired of tracking and being tracked by ads. This has prompted him to become increasingly interested in developing browsers that have privacy by default, in which users can control their own web browsing experience. Users can use the BAT token to reward content creators on the Brave browser. Eich added that they introduced the use of cryptocurrency in the Brave browser to eradicate traditional payment methods (involving middlemen and middlemen). These intermediaries have drastically reduced the revenue of publishers. Eich pointed out that Brave initially used the help of Bitcoin, but later turned to BAT tokens so that Brave could have a defined "ecosystem" in which the valuation of virtual assets would not fluctuate like Bitcoin.