Goldman Sachs CEO: We have never planned to open a digital currency trading platform

Goldman Sachs CEO: We have never planned to open a digital currency trading platform

The hearing gathered the CEOs of the seven largest US banks. Talking about the high paying of Wall Street bankers and whether they have become more responsible in the 10 years since the large-scale bank subsidies funded by taxpayers in 2009.

"We have never planned to set up a digital currency exchange"

At the hearing, David Solomon claimed that Goldman Sachs had never had any specific plans to launch a digital currency trading platform. Solomon attributed this speculation to a news report by Bloomberg in December 2017.

Bloomberg's report was released during the climax of the bitcoin bull market, when Bitcoin prices were close to $20,000.

David Solomon claims that this article is somewhat out of date. Like everyone else, we are also observing and trying to understand the development of the digital currency market. My digital currency has certain functions in clearing physical settlement futures. But beyond that, we have never planned to open a digital currency trading platform. ”

Goldman Sachs CEO: May open a digital currency department

Solomon added: Goldman Sachs may open a digital currency sector in the future, but this is not the right time, because the digital currency industry is an emerging industry, full of uncertainty.


In 2017, when people first heard of Goldman Sachs, which manages $1.5 trillion in assets, joining the trend of digital currency currencies, they were very excited.

In September 2018, CCN reported that Goldman Sachs gave up on this idea but will focus on digital currency hosting products.

Not surprisingly, Goldman's retracement occurred during the long bitcoin bear market of 2018, when the digital currency industry suffered a large-scale impact.

Bitcoin bulls: calm down, the winter of digital currency is over

Since the industry's winter has come, large investment banks have taken a more skeptical attitude toward digital currencies.

At the same time, digital currency investors are excited about the recent gains, and many claim that the brutal industry winter is officially over.

Travis Klein, founder of Ikigai Asset Management, believes that the bear market is over. He claims that the recent rise in bitcoin was triggered by public distrust of the Fed and its interest rate manipulation.

In fact, Klin predicts that as more and more people lose confidence in the Fed’s “irresponsible” fiscal policy, they will increasingly flock to Bitcoin. Bitcoin has become a tool for hedging irresponsible monetary and fiscal policies. (CCN Chinese Station)