Ant Jin Yan Yan: The standard of landing block application scenarios is people-oriented

According to Sina Finance, on August 30th, Yan Wei, technical director of Ant Financial Blockchain, said in the Chinese version of Coindesk. In addition to helping supply chain finance, there are 40 scenes in the blockchain, all over life and finance. Education, medical and other industries. But there is a theme that remains the same. The standard for doing and not doing each scene is whether it can bring value to users. Is it people-oriented? This technology is called warm technology. For example, cross-border remittances can make many people who go to work abroad, the experience of cross-border remittance is as convenient and low-cost as Alipay. Although we have so many scenes to go, there are so many technologies to advance, but the blockchain is in business mode, technology is still early, a complete solution is expected to be produced on a large scale in two or three years.