Quantum Chain Shuaichu: It is expected that the central bank's digital currency will promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies in Asia and Africa.

According to Coinspeaker, Quantum Chain co-founder Patrick Dai said that the People's Bank of China's digital currency will be upgraded, and the impact on cryptocurrency adoption will far exceed Facebook's Libra statement. “People have already had an overwhelming distrust of Facebook, but given the economic growth rate of the past few years and more than 300 million people out of poverty, the public’s trust and confidence in the Chinese government is strong.” He added that the national issued figures Money will definitely help people with insufficient banking services and help eliminate all poverty. According to his point of view, the impact is not limited to this. It is predicted that it will stimulate the use of cryptocurrency in most parts of Asia and Africa, while Asia and Africa account for almost half of the world's banking services. “The introduction of new asset classes has also brought healthy competition to China's financial technology ecosystem. Currently, China's financial technology ecosystem is dominated by a few major players. Free payment solutions help break the payment giants such as WeChat and Alipay. Power monopoly."