CRYPTO BITLORD, a Twitter user who proposed to fork XRP, said it received death threats

According to EWN, CRYPTO BITLORD (@Crypto_Bitlord), a Twitter user who has proposed a forked XRP, said that after it issued a statement about the forked XRP, it received many death threats and continued to suffer personal attacks. According to media EWN analysis, it is not certain whether CRYPTO BITLORD is joking because the user has always been known for his bold speech (for example, USDT is expected to rise to $2), and the user has been active in pushing after claiming death threats. Special. Further analysis by EWN pointed out that the move of forked XRP may be difficult to support. Unlike BCH, this "new XRP" is unlikely to provide utilities that are not available in the original XRP, and use XRP-based financial technology solutions to process paid transactions. It is unlikely that the wallet suppliers and companies will recognize the "new XRP."