The cryptocurrency quote website CMC will update the project token ranking algorithm next Monday.

CMC (CoinMarketCap), the cryptocurrency website, posted a message on the official blog. On September 2nd (next Monday) CMC will update the project token ranking algorithm. Under the new algorithm, CMC will impose stricter standards on the top 200 tokens. In addition to meeting the basic conditions, it also needs to meet the provisions of Article 10 of the ranking method, including at least 3 eligible centralized transactions. There are no significant differences between the listed and the exchanges supported by the CMC, and the liquidity requirements are met. The penalty mechanism under the new algorithm will also become more stringent, and the ranking of tokens that violate the requirements of the shelves will be significantly reduced, even placed at 1,000. It is reported that CMC previously stated at the first virtual round table of Data Accountability and Transparency Alliance (DATA) that they will release new liquidity on November 12, 2019. Ranking system.